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Changes to Wisconsin DUI Laws May Be Coming

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Our Milwaukee DUI Defense Lawyers Keep You Updated on the Latest Wisconsin Drunk Driving LawsWisconsin DUI Defense Lawyers Milwaukee

Our Milwaukee DUI defense lawyers know there may be three major changes involved in Wisconsin drunk driving laws and operating while intoxicated laws.

Lower BAC Levels in Wisconsin

The National Transportation Safety Board recommend states lower the prohibited alcohol concentration from .08% to .05%, pointing to the fact that some people are intoxicated at .05%. About 2.7% of those charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin have a blood alcohol concentration between .08-.10%.

Wisconsin DUI Checkpoints

Wisconsin was already considering the controversial implementation of a DUI “checkpoints” law which would allow law enforcement to stop drivers without reasonable suspicion or probable cause to make sure the operator was not intoxicated. DUI checkpoints have been a hot button topic since before the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in the case of Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz (1990) which concluded DUI checkpoints were not a violation of the 4th Amendment.

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Criminalizing 1st Offense DUI in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is also considering the criminalization of 1st offense drunk driving violations where the blood alcohol concentration is over .15%, nearly two times the current legal limit of .08%. The average blood alcohol concentration of those charged with drunk driving in Wisconsin is about .17%.

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By: Attorney Tom Grieve on 03/06/2020

Tom Grieve is a former prosecutor who now runs a successful Wisconsin criminal defense law firm with offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison. If are facing new charges initial phone consultations are free: contact online or call 262-786-7100.

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