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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

Ride Sharing like Uber Saves Lives

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Rideshares like Uber and Lyft Reduce Drunk Driving in Milwaukee 

Summerfest Partners with Uber to Provide Safe and Reliable Rides

In 2014, almost 31,000 people in Wisconsin were arrested for driving drunk. 178 people died in alcohol-related accidents, accounting for 32.8% of all traffic deaths. Studies conducted by MADD and national traffic authorities show that after the sun goes down is the worst time to be on the roads, with most DWI accidents occurring between midnight and 3am. Another esurance® report claims Wisconsin is the “drunkest” state in the union with 23.7% of residents ages 16 and over having admitted to driving drunk. 

Planning Ahead is Easier than Ever

Thankfully, avoiding danger and making better decisions is now a click of a button. Car services like Uber and Lyft have streamlined the drunken transportation process to reside in your pocket, accessible at a moment’s notice. Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have partnered as part of a broader effort to raise awareness against drunk driving. Uber and MADD have recently released a report revealing that Uber is more than just convenient transportation. The choice, reliability and flexibility it affords also makes it an effective tool against drunk-driving, having already reduced  drunk driving incidents 3.6-5.6% nationwide.

You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted

Fun and Safety for All, In One Convenient App

This year, Uber has partnered with Summerfest to provide safe and reliable rides all 11 days of the festival. Uber has designated 3 Pickup / Drop-off locations around the Summerfest Park for convenience and streamlined communication. On your way, let your driver know which location works best for you:

1. North – located at E.Michigan & N.Harbor Dr.  

2. West – located at  E. Chicago & N. Jackson 

3. South – located at E. Polk & N. Jackson

Hundreds of thousands of music lovers will visit Summerfest this year. Save potential lives and thousands of dollars by sparing yourself from an OWI after the festivities. Uber and other ride-sharing taxi services are simple to use and cost way less than a DUI, even if you use the service for over a hundred miles. Use the fare estimator within the app to quote your trip cost in real time and plan ahead. A new MADD report reveals that when empowered with more transportation options like Uber and Lyft, people are making better choices that save lives and making sure revelers have access to a safe ride home. 

Join Thousands of other Safe and Responsible Party-Goers

Across America, people are finding easier access to making better decisions at the end of the night. In Miami, Uber ridership is peaking at the same hour that historically has been the worst for drunk driving. In Pittsburgh, demand for Uber spikes when the bars close. In Chicago, ¾ of Uber trips on New Year’s Eve were requested within 1/8 of a mile of a bar. Make sure the fun doesn’t stop when it’s time to leave the festival. Make the right choice and get a ride home, whether through a taxi, ride-sharing service, or a sober friend. 

If You Drive Drunk

If you don’t make the better decision and you do get stopped and arrested for drinking and driving, call Grieve Law. Tom Grieve is an experienced DUI lawyer with years under his belt both prosecuting and defending DUI/DWI/OWI cases. Grieve Law offers a free consultation for potential clients so call them today. Everyone makes mistakes and hindsight is crystal-clear, but Grieve Law Firm can help you through this trying process. Don’t hesitate, you may only have weeks or even days before your first court appearance. Have a tested, experienced defense lawyer by your side. 

Speak with an experienced DUI professional today. 

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By: Attorney Tom Grieve on 03/06/2020

Tom Grieve is a former prosecutor who now runs a successful Wisconsin criminal defense law firm with offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison. If are facing new charges initial phone consultations are free: contact online or call 262-786-7100.

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