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Brookfield Domestic Violence Attorney

Best Domestic Violence Attorney Brookfield WI

Tom Grieve is a criminal defense lawyer with experience as a domestic violence attorney in Brookfield, WI. Serving as both a former prosecutor and current defender, Tom has a nuanced understanding of Wisconsin domestic violence laws. While we do not condone domestic violence of any kind, there are certain circumstances where domestic violence defense is necessary. Tom deals primarily with cases where exaggerated or false accusations of domestic violence have occurred.

Domestic violence charges are handled with utmost care. If you’re charged with domestic violence in Brookfield, WI or elsewhere in the state penalties for domestic violence charges will range in severity depending on the case. The most common penalties include jail time, probation, fines and/or restraining orders.

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, domestic abuse, domestic battery, criminal damage to property or disorderly conduct, you need an experienced and highly skilled Brookfield criminal defense attorney. Tom Grieve is not only a criminal defense attorney for domestic violence charges, he’s also received multiple honors and awards for his defense work. Tom’s defense work has been prominently recognized by, Madison Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, The National Trial Lawyers Association and more.

When you only have one shot to clear your name, one chance to keep your job and one opportunity to keep your children, trust award-winning Brookfield criminal defense attorney Tom Grieve. Tom is well known by his clients, the public and the legal community for his remarkable defense work. When everything is on the line, go to the Brookfield domestic violence defense attorney known for getting charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Contact our Brookfield domestic violence defense attorney now to set up a FREE consultation to discuss the charges being filed against you.
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