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Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Outcome: Dismissed!

I was recently involved in relatively serious traffic violation. As a result I had police knocking at my door multiple times and were calling very frequently. My family and I were very anxious as the potential outcome could have been disastrous for my family.

I called Tom Grieve and he immediately calmed me down by fully explaining the situation I was in and took control immediately. He called the police and as a result they backed down right away.

I work 3rd shift and was worried about being able to be in contact with him when I needed to be, but Tom worked around my schedule as if he shared my hours. He was always available and always returned my calls in a timely matter. Tom is a very busy attorney and I probably called much more often than was necessary but he never acted annoyed or rushed.

With his help he walked me through everything that was in my best interest and I followed his instructions. As a result, in the end his hard work exonerated me from the charges that were leveled against me. I know that I couldn't have been his priority case but he acted as if I was. Each and every time I reached out to him he took the time to answer all of my questions.

I cannot recommend him strongly enough. I have worked with a few attorneys in the past and have been let down every time and Tom has renewed my faith in them. Tom Grieve is the first attorney I've worked with that exceeded my expectations and then some. He went above and beyond what I expected from him. Hopefully I will not be in need of an attorney again to help me out of legal trouble, but if I do his is the only name I'll be calling.

Contact Milwaukee DUI lawyer, Tom Grieve, now if you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI in Wisconsin and get the best chance at beating the charges!

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