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Madison Criminal Defense Attorneys

Madison criminal defense attorney law office

Our criminal defense attorneys represent Wisconsin and out-of-state residents facing charges in Madison and throughout Dane County. Many of our award-winning defense attorneys have worked as prosecution attorneys, meaning our law firm is well-versed on both sides of the Madison court system. Our lawyers work directly with you to build the best defense strategy to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely. Don’t settle for less and risk the worst. Contact Grieve Law to give yourself the best chance at winning your case. 

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Grieve Law leverages its award-winning team’s unique expertise on both the prosecution and defense sides of Wisconsin criminal law to provide vigorous criminal defense to Dane County clients. Our accomplished attorneys have invaluable insight from years of experience in the toughest courtrooms, and we craft ironclad defenses to protect our clients’ rights.

Backed by proven success in the state’s most complex criminal defense cases, our Madison law firm assembles custom-tailored solutions to secure the most favorable outcomes possible. Our unparalleled perspective makes Grieve Law Madison’s most trusted criminal defense attorney, as we offer unflinching advocacy and critical guidance to individuals facing criminal charges.

We know prosecutors because we were prosecutors. Grieve Law doesn’t just possess the knowledge to create a strong defense strategy, we utilize proven strategies to aggressively defend your rights. Don’t trust a fee to plea lawyer when your future is on the line. Rely on the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Grieve Law to uphold your best interests and stand strong in your corner every step of the way.

Nationally Awarded Criminal Defense Lawyers

Grieve Law’s defense attorneys have received numerous honors and awards for their exceptional practice in criminal defense. Our attorneys are recognized nationally and locally for their excellence. 

Our Criminal Defense Awards and Honors

  •  Top 10 criminal defense lawyer ranking
  • Legal Superstars Award for Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Top attorneys in Wisconsin Award
  • Madison Magazine's top attorneys in Wisconsin award
  •  Top trial lawyers in Wisconsin award
  • Wuper Lawyers Wisconsin Rising Star award
  • Clients' choice award for DUI defense award
  • Premier 100 Designation award


What Cases Do We Take?

Grieve Law's criminal defense team works on all types of cases, including (but not limited to):

Grieve Law guarantees you’ll receive an expert defense strategy designed to give you the best possible chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. 

Beat Drugs, Guns, and Drunk Driving Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers win cases. Grieve Law has a history of getting charges for Madison residents significantly reduced and successfully dismissed

OWI/DUI Charges

An OWI charge can have serious consequences- even if it's your first offense. When we work to beat your charges, we'll work tirelessly to scrutinize errors in police procedures and drug tests. Our Madison OWI defense attorneys know how to handle the fine print of Wisconsin's OWI laws, and we have a strong track record of getting charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

Drug Charges

Grieve Law has a long history of successfully defending citizens charged with drug offenses. Even if you failed a drug test or are charged with possession, Grieve Law Madison criminal defense attorneys are here to give you a real chance to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Grieve Law investigates every option from the police testimony to drug testing procedures to build the best strategy to beat your Madison drug charges.

Gun Charges

Our Madison criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in defending clients with gun charges. Depending on the alleged violation, you could be facing jail time of 9 months and a $10,000 fine. Grieve Law attorneys apply the law to the facts of your case and fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed completely.

Domestic Violence Charges

If accompanied by felony battery charges, criminal domestic violence charges can result in a minimum of 6 years in prison. Protect yourself from outrageous charges- contact Grieve Law for a free consultation. We'll work closely with you to build the strongest case for your defense.

Sexual Assualt Charges

Sexual Assault and other sex crime offenses are serious charges that, if convicted, carry hefty sentences and permanently stay on your record. For the best criminal defense attorneys in Madison for sex crimes, contact Grieve Law.

Whether you are facing Wisconsin criminal penalties such as prison time for felony charges, fines for a misdemeanor or forfeiture violation fees, call us for a free consultation.

Grieve Law LLC offers reasonable rates, flexible payment plans and FREE lawyer consultations so you can get the very best Madison criminal defense attorney at a price you can afford.

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Hear from our clients

Julia Westley did a great job on my case. I had a fairly involved and high profile case ... and I wasn't the easiest client to work with. But Julia did a great job and when it came to trial she curated all of her resources at the firm to help. Another attorney, Benjamin Becker, was also involved in the trial and was very knowledgeable and a great compliment to Julia. My outcome was exactly what it should have been thanks to their hard work and dedication to justice.

Timothy O on Grieve Law Google Reviews

I'm an attorney from Oklahoma, and I called Julia Westly to seek help with a client of mine in Wisconsin. Julia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about WI DUI law. A kind and competent attorney who extended a helping hand to someone in need. Highly recommended. She knows her stuff. Thank you!

Luke A on Grieve Law Google Reviews

Tom is an expert when it comes to firearms related charges. If you have a firearm related charge don't go to an attorney that doesn't have this expertise. Tom has ability and know how to fight your case like no other attorney will. Grieve law will treat you like family. You cant ask for a better team to be fighting for your lively hood. Thank you for being a stand up guy Tom.

Rencon D on Grieve Law Google Reviews

Grieve Law has the best Criminal Defense team ever! I just can't express how thankful I am to Tom, and his team, for truly taking the edge off of an extremely stressful situation. This is due to the quality time spent with me and excellent (truly non judgmental) listening skills. I was really taken care of and so happy with the outcome. I would hire them again in a heart beat!

Caroline A on Grieve Law Google Reviews

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

A criminal defense attorney is a professional who specializes in upholding the liberties and freedoms of persons accused of or charged with a crime by working to lessen or dismiss the charges brought against an individual through thorough research, investigation, and in some cases, formal trials.

How do I find a good criminal defense attorney?

Look for a confident and competent lawyer specifically dedicated to criminal defense with a successful record of challenging and defeating prosecutors to achieve favorable outcomes for his or her clients.

Why should I get a criminal defense attorney?

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to successfully negotiate for lessened and dropped criminal charges, often securing fewer financial penalties and less severe punishments for his or her clients. A criminal defense attorney has the extensive knowledge of the legal system required to find loopholes and errors in the prosecution’s case. A criminal defense lawyer will help the defendant meet critical deadlines and maintain all requirements to obtain the best possible outcome for the defendant.

Our Madison Criminal Defense Attorneys

Grieve Law's specialized criminal defense attorneys in Madison know the law inside and out, so they'll give you the best possible defense. Our attorneys know how to find and employ the best defenses against prosecutors because several of them used to be prosecutors. If you've been charged with a crime in Madison and want the best chance at getting your life back, contact us today for a free consultation.

We’re hiring criminal defense attorneys in Madison

Our team is growing and we are looking for experienced criminal defense attorneys at our Madison law firm. We specialize in criminal defense and are focused on building for the future. Apply today for our junior or senior criminal law attorney positions.

Grieve Law Criminal Defense Lawyers

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