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Protecting your rights and reputation are important in an OWI case. Receive a free consultation with a Racine County, Wisconsin, OWI defense attorney with years of experience. First-offense OWI penalties could include a maximum fine of $300, a $435 surcharge and license revocation for up to 9 months.

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Rely on the award-winning attorneys at Grieve Law if you’re facing OWI charges in Racine County. We have specialized expertise in Wisconsin impaired driving cases and utilize proven defense tactics to build the strongest argument to get your charges significantly reduced or dropped entirely.

Even first-time OWI offenses can lead to harsh fines, license revocation, jail time and negative effects on your career. Navigating the complexities of the legal system alone leaves you vulnerable. Our experienced legal team passionately upholds your rights at every turn, identifies prosecutorial weaknesses and builds a strategic defense.

Don’t let OWI charges derail your future without a fight. Grieve Law knows what it takes to counter allegations and secure favorable outcomes. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step toward moving your life forward.

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Grieve Law attorneys fight for your rights when you're facing criminal charges in Racine County.

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Racine County Sheriff's Department: 717 Wisconsin Ave, Racine WI53403 
Racine County Courthouse: 730 Wisconsin Ave, Racine, WI 53403


When you’re facing impaired driving charges, it’s crucial to have an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense team in your corner. Grieve Law’s attorneys bring decades of collective expertise from both sides of the justice system, providing us with extensive knowledge in building strategic, customized defenses targeting acquittal or charge reductions.

Our proven track record of favorable OWI case outcomes shows our steadfast commitment to achieving the best results for every client. We leverage our in-depth understanding of these complex cases to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s stance and highlight the facts in your favor.

Throughout the legal process, we maintain open communication, address all your concerns, handle all interactions with prosecutors and construct an airtight defense aimed at dismissing the allegations against you. With Grieve Law by your side, move your life forward confidently knowing you have dedicated advocates fighting for your best interests.

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We know facing criminal charges is challenging enough without the financial stress of legal costs. Grieve Law is committed to providing flexible payment options so first-rate representation is attainable for your budget.

When your future is at stake, don’t rely on a cut-rate attorney. Seasoned attorneys make a real difference in case outcomes, so don’t settle for a weak defense. Contact Grieve Law for a free consultation, and let us work to get your life back on track.

Our Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys fight for clients anywhere in Racine County, including:

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Waterford Wind Lake    
Contact the Racine County OWI lawyers at Grieve Law for a free consultation.

Grams Possessed

1st Offense - Any amount Subsequent Offenses - Any amount


1st Offense - Misdemeanor Subsequent Offenses - Felony

Jail Time

1st Offense - 6 months Subsequent Offenses - 3.5 years

Maximum Fine

1st Offense - $1,000 Subsequent Offenses - $10,000

In Racine County, Wisconsin, how long does an OWI charge stay on your record?

In Racine County, Wisconsin, it is very difficult to remove an OWI conviction from your criminal record making it stay with you forever. Your first OWI charge will appear on CCAP if the arrest was made by a sheriff officer as opposed to a local police department officer. 

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