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Appleton Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Grieve Law is a top criminal defense firm in Appleton, Wisconsin offering free consultations and flat fee pricing. Our experienced attorneys have a reputation for success in defending against a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI, drug, and gun charges. Contact Grieve Law Criminal Defense for a free initial consultation today.

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Award-Winning Attorneys in Appleton, WI

The criminal defense attorneys at Grieve Law are award-winning professionals who have earned a reputation for their success in defending clients against criminal charges.

Our Awards and Honors:

  •  Top 10 criminal defense lawyer ranking
  • Legal Superstars Award for Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Top attorneys in Wisconsin Award
  • Madison Magazine's top attorneys in Wisconsin award
  •  Top trial lawyers in Wisconsin award
  • Wuper Lawyers Wisconsin Rising Star award
  • Clients' choice award for DUI defense award
  • Premier 100 Designation award


Criminal Cases We Defend

Our criminal defense lawyers help Appleton and Outagamie County residents get their criminal charges reduced or dropped completely. Some of the most common cases we defend include drug charges, OWI charges, and disorderly conduct charges (amongst many others):

We Fight Felony and Misdemeanor charges

Our Appleton criminal defense attorneys defend felony charges from Class A to Class I. Class A felonies are one of the most serious crimes you can be charged with and if convicted you could face life in prison. Our attorneys also defend against misdemeanors from Class A to Class U which, while less serious, can still result in $10,000 in fines and 9 months in jail. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor can also result in forfeiture of your second amendment right. Don’t wait. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Free Attorney Consultations in Appleton

We are well-known for offering free consultations to prospective clients and for charging flat fees for our services, rather than the hourly rates that are common in the legal industry. This lets our clients know precisely what they will be paying upfront, which can be especially helpful when facing the stress and uncertainty of a criminal case. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Appleton area, consider our award-winning attorneys.

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Hear from our clients

I talked to a lot of different law firms and the attorneys at Grieve Law were the best. They knew all the answers to my questions and were always very professional. Best part was they got me out of my offense. I would highly recommend Grieve Law.

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I must say I am very thankful Grieve Law was introduced into my life. I had Attorney Julia Westley represent me in a case for a WI OWI charge. Among all the work she did for me, what meant to me the most is she never doubted my word against the arresting officer's. Over the one year the case had been ongoing, she was able to get the charge dropped from a 3rd offense, to a 2nd offense, to the case being dismissed altogether. I am quite certain if I would have worked with a public defender, I would have been encouraged to plea guilty and accept the prosecutor's offer, which was basically agreeing to serve almost the maximum amount of jail time for a 2nd OWI offense (learn more about 2nd OWI Wisconsin penalties). Although the last 10 months have been beyond stressful, without Julia's hard work on my case, her honesty with me, and the thorough explanations she provided to me about my options and the possible resulting outcomes, I can say with almost complete certainty things would have turned out a lot differently; it is amazing what a conclusion can be when you have someone fighting for you from the very start all the way up until the end. I highly recommend Grieve Law and Attorney Westley. 


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What does a criminal defense attorney do?

A criminal defense attorney represents people who have been accused of a crime and helps to defend them in court. They work to challenge the evidence against their clients and present a strong defense on their behalf.

How do I choose the best criminal defense attorney for my case?

Some factors to consider include the attorney's experience, reputation, and communication style. It can also be helpful to meet with a few different attorneys to get a sense of their approach and to see which one you feel most comfortable with.

Can a criminal defense attorney help me if I'm innocent?

Yes, a criminal defense attorney can help you if you believe you are innocent of the crime you have been accused of. They can work to challenge the evidence against you and build a strong defense for you.

How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney?

The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney can vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case and the attorney's experience and reputation. The best way to determine the cost of your case is to schedule a free consultation with an attorney and ask about their rates.

Can a criminal defense attorney guarantee a successful outcome for my case?

No, a criminal defense attorney cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your case. However, they can work to build a strong defense and do everything they can to help you achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances. It is ultimately up to the judge or jury to decide the outcome of the case.

Our Appleton Criminal Defense Attorneys

All of our criminal defense attorneys in Appleton are experts in their field and give you the best legal defense possible. Many of our team members used to be prosecutors, so we know what the opposition side is looking for. Leave it to us to do everything possible to get your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Grieve Law Criminal Defense Lawyers

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