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Experienced DUI & Drug Possession Lawyer in Mukwonago, Wisconsin

With years of award winning experience in drug possession and OWI charges, Grieve Law is a criminal defense law firm Mukwonago residents can trust. We have a team of dedicated lawyers well respected for getting criminal charges reduced or even dropped entirely. No matter the criminal charges you are facing, Grieve Law is your best chance at beating the consequences that can turn your world upside down. Fee to plea lawyers simply just don’t understand:

Our criminal defense attorneys in Mukwonago, Wisconsin are ready and willing to protect your rights and ensure you the most complete defense possible. If you’re facing a DUI or drug charge, you need to act now, you need Grieve Law on your team.

Don’t waste any more time, the sooner you get in contact with us the sooner we can start working on strengthening your defense. Rest assured, Grieve Law is a law firm you can trust to have your best interests in mind.

Mukwonago criminal defense attorney

Where to Go to Court: 625 S Rochester St, Mukwonago, WI 53149

Police Station: 627 S. Rochester St, Mukwonago, WI 53149

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Grams Possessed

1st Offense - Any amount Subsequent Offenses - Any amount


1st Offense - Misdemeanor Subsequent Offenses - Felony

Jail Time

1st Offense - 6 months Subsequent Offenses - 3.5 years

Maximum Fine

1st Offense - $1,000 Subsequent Offenses - $10,000

In Mukwonago, Wisconsin, how long does a controlled substance charge stay on your record?

Controlled substance charges in Mukwonago could remain on your record for life, with few options for expungement, even if you are not convicted.

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