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You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted
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Criminal Defense Lawyers Keeping Innocent Wisconsin Free
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Waukesha Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Criminal Defense Attorney Waukesha Trusts for Powerful Results

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Tom Grieve is respected among the top criminal defense lawyers in Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and has the results and awards to prove it.

Over his years of experience, Tom has developed a nuanced understanding of Wisconsin firearm laws, DUI and OWI cases, drug charges, domestic abuse cases, sexual assault defense and homicide charges. The Grieve Law, LLC Brookfield criminal defense law firm steadfastly defends the rights of our clients.

" ... An excellent strategist. Fully reads and understands all of his clients' needs."

Thomas P. Grieve    |    Grieve Law    |    CLEAR ANSWERS.  CLEAR RESULTS.

The Criminal Defense Law Firm Milwaukee Trusts for Powerful ResultsMilwaukee gun defense lawyer

Tom Grieve and the criminal defense lawyers of Grieve Law are respected among the top criminal defense lawyers in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Over years of experience, Tom and the top ranked defense lawyers of Grieve Law have developed an insider’s understanding of Wisconsin firearm laws, DUI and OWI cases, domestic abuse cases, sexual assault defense, homicide charges and drug charges. At the Grieve Law LLC Milwaukee criminal defense law firm we steadfastly defend the rights of our clients.

Grieve Law is NOT a Fee to Plea™ lawyer.

 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

Police officers and prosecutors work together to present the most intimidating (and sometimes trumped up) charges to make a plea deal seem more attractive. Fee to Plea™ lawyers talk you into a plea deal because it is faster and easier for them and the court system. It is also a great way to get you to pay those steep fines to the state. Grieve Law are NOT Fee to Plea™ lawyers. Rather than compromising on a plea deal at your expense, Grieve Law fights tooth-and-nail over every shred of evidence. Our top ranked attorneys' abilities to produce powerful, strategic defenses and win cases have made them an award winning Milwaukee criminal defense law firm. Don’t waste your time, money and personal freedoms on a Fee to Plea™ lawyer; hire a team who fights harder and smarter; hire Tom Grieve and Grieve Law.

Criminal Lawyer Cost OWI Attorney Cost

 You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty™

Case-Winning Defenses for DUIs, Drugs, Domestic, Sexual, Firearms and Homicide

Milwaukee Drug Defense AttorneyWhether you are facing a Wisconsin firearms charge, domestic dispute charge, sexual assault charge, an OWI in Wisconsin or even a homicide charge, we have your back. Your rights and your pocketbook stand to benefit from our legal counsel’s advice. And your record. Wisconsin CCAP records are publically accessed by hiring managers and business owners. Our Milwaukee criminal defense and DUI attorneys have successfully reduced drunk driving charges in Milwaukee, Waukesha and across the state down to reckless driving citations.

Our criminal defense attorneys have negotiated multiple felonies down to misdemeanors, non-criminal tickets and outright dismissal of charges. Through negotiation or jury trial our Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys faithfully represent your interests to the fullest under criminal law. Grieve Law LLC has the firearm, criminal defense, drug and DUI attorneys in Waukesha and Milwaukee that surrounding areas trust for powerful results.

  1. The penalties for your 1st offense OWI in Wisconsin are worse than just a ticket
  2. The real cost of conviction goes beyond the fine
  3. You could go to jail for even your first offense DUI
  4. You could lose your job
  5. The truth about the .08 legal limit
  6. You can get an OWI for marijuana use
  7. You could lose your license 10 days after your ticket

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorneys: Trial-Tested, Client Approved

When you are faced with serious fines, jail time or even prison do not settle on a public defender to get you out of trouble. Trust the reputable Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers who know the system better than anyone.

Our tactical negotiating skills paired with our understanding of your charges and how they tend to play out from the moment you are charged through a potential jury trial enables us to best defend your case. The Grieve Law Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys have a trial-tested, client-approved method of aggressive criminal defense which has been developed over years of case experience and intensive legal study.

DUI Attorneys Waukesha Can Rely On

Milwaukee DUI attorneyDrunk driving cases are more serious than many Wisconsin residents realize. A DUI or OWI can land you in jail with high fines. Other consequences, such as higher insurance rates and having your driver’s license revoked do not stop at the courtroom door. DUI/OWI charges are also some of the most complex cases in Wisconsin with serious repercussions for those who are convicted, including mandatory jail time on all criminal cases.

Contact our Waukesha drunk driving attorney who has worked these cases as a prosecutor, within the judiciary, and on defense. Our DUI lawyers have litigated drunk driving cases at both the trial court and court of appeals. We have represented underage kids and 1st through 9th offender cars, trucks, boats, ATVs and snowmobiles. And operating after revocation. We can and will take a DUI or OWI case to trial to get you the best possible results. Free initial OWI consultation.

First Offense OWI Wisconsin

Learn More About Wisconsin Drunk Driving Charges:

The Criminal Defense Lawyers Waukesha, WI, and Surrounding Areas Trust to be Tenaciously Defended

Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys actively listen to the unique specifics of your case. We go through the entire play-by-play without missing a single detail. Trivial facts could actually be case altering legal conclusions protecting you from prosecution and jail.

Our Waukesha criminal defense lawyers treat your case with the attention it deserves, forcefully contesting the charges against you. Putting yourself in the best position to have your charges reduced, dropped or beaten in a jury trial depends on the quality and the diligence of your lawyer. Whether you are charged with a DUI in Milwaukee or you are accused of marijuana possession in Waukesha, we will work feverishly to ensure your rights are tenaciously defended, because You Are Only Guilty if You Are Convicted®.


2nd Offense OWI


Whether you are facing Wisconsin criminal penalties such as prison time for felony charges, fines for a misdemeanor, forfeiture violation fees, speeding ticket or other traffic violations, call for a free consultation to find out how we can get your charges reduced or dropped.

Grieve Law LLC offers reasonable rates, flexible payment plans and FREE lawyer consultations so you can get the very best Wisconsin criminal defense attorney at a price you can afford.

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 Contact our Waukesha criminal defense attorneys right now for your free legal advice case assessment.
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