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Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers You are only guilty if you are convicted®

Grieve Law is an award-winning Wisconsin criminal defense law firm staffed with ex-prosecutors in multiple offices serving clients from Milwaukee, Waukesha County, Madison, Glendale, Racine, West Bend, Mequon, and elsewhere across the badger state. Unlike most other lawyers who say that they do defense work, we are criminal defense attorneys who focus our practice exclusively on defending Wisconsin OWI (drunk driving/DUI) and criminal cases.

Don't trust your life to some general practice lawyer. DUI’s and criminal cases are not something that we do: they are basically everything that we do! Free no-obligation consult with our team of award-winning former state prosecutors for honest answers is just a call away.

Drunk driving & Wisconsin OWI defense

Your bad weekend doesn’t make you a bad person. Many alleged Wisconsin first offense OWI drivers believe the cops’ “just a ticket” myth. 99% of 2nd OWI offenders we interact with retain a lawyer. They learned the hard way: every DUI is worth fighting.

Our OWI (DUI, DWI) lawyers have litigated drunk driving cases at trial including:

Our attorneys are not only trained in the same tests as police officers, many of us are actually instructors. The cops must walk the line. If they don’t follow very specific rules, your charge could get dismissed.

Drug Charges: Just say no to fee to plea™ lawyers.

Grieve Law has successfully argued many nuances of Wisconsin drug law, including:

From misdemeanors...

Anyone can see misdemeanors on your Wisconsin criminal record on CCAP. felonies

Nobody wants to check the “convicted felon” box on employment paperwork.

Domestic Violence

Most of our domestic violence clients are two partners looking to drop the charges together. There are often paths to beat domestic violence charges, even when one partner is fabricating a story.

Your Wisconsin Gun Lawyer

Tom Grieve is uniquely qualified to deal with Wisconsin gun charges. He has been published multiple times on various topics in Conceal Carry Magazine, is a lifetime NRA member, avid hunter, gun owner, and keynote speaker for the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) to assist on conceal carry cases, self-defense cases, intoxicated possession of a firearm cases, or if you are looking to restore second amendment rights. Our gun lawyers are experienced in navigating Wisconsin gun laws to get charges reduced or dropped.

criminal defense lawyers with payment plans

Payment Plans: Most people don’t have a criminal defense savings account. We’ll work with you on timeline.

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