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Merton OWI Attorney Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Waukesha County residents could benefit from a free consultation with an OWI attorney in the Merton area. Discussing legal options with an experienced attorney could be a great start to fighting OWI charges. Possible penalties include up to a $300 fine, 6-9 months license revocation and other consequences.

OWI Charges & your record Payment plans

Reducing or dropping Merton OWI charges

Extreme fines, jail time, loss of drivers’ license and restricted rights are just some of the harsh penalties you could face from a 1st drunk driving charge in Wisconsin. These could have long-term consequences on your future. Fee to plea lawyers don’t get it:

 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

For the strongest defense possible for criminal charges in Merton residents trust Grieve Law attorneys who have experience including:

Grieve Law attorneys use their knowledge of drunk driving and criminal law to provide exceptional legal counsel and unbeatable litigation. With a Grieve Law OWI attorney you’ll get the strongest defense possible for your case.

Merton OWI attorney

Where to Go for Court: 515 W. Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha, WI 53188

Waukesha County Sheriff: 515 W. Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha, WI 53188

Award-winning Merton criminal defense attorneys

Criminal charges wreak havoc on your permanent record and your lifetime earning potential. Getting a criminal charge reduced or dropped can be expensive. Grieve Law offers flexible payment options to help you afford our top criminal defense attorneys. An informed decision about your criminal defense attorney now is the best way to protect your future.

Our Merton criminal defense attorneys guide you every step of the way, from citation and trial to fighting for your rights in court. Grieve law attorneys are your best advocates anywhere, especially:

Affordable Merton OWI attorneys win cases across Waukesha County

The laws and consequences for an OWI charge vary by county, Grieve Law criminal defense attorneys have experience in Waukesha County to get your charges dropped.

Defending your right is Grieve Law’s top priority. At our Waukesha criminal defense firm, we’ve helped clients save thousands of dollars in fines and penalties by reducing their charges. We also offer free initial phone consultations for new criminal charges in Waukesha County.

Contact the Merton OWI lawyers at Grieve Law for your free consultation.

In Merton, Wisconsin, how long does an OWI charge stay on your record?

Wisconsin defense attorneys in the Merton area have helped many Waukesha County residents avoid harsh OWI penalties (such as 1 year in jail or $3,000 in fines) but an OWI charge typically remains on a person�s record for life even if conviction is avoided.

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