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Grieve Law has strategically dismissed cases and helped clients who felt they had no other options. Cases have included DUI'sdrug possession, and intoxicated possession of a firearm.

"Extremely knowledgeable" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Attorney Grieve and his staff were prompt to return my phone calls and very accommodating when I came in for an initial consultation. Every interaction from that point forward has been nothing short of perfect and professional. Attorney Grieve is extremely knowledgeable and explained legal jargon in layman's terms. I could not recommend a better attorney in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. If you have legal questions, Attorney Grieve will have answers and solutions! Give them a call today and you will not regret it!

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Excellent Lawyer & Great Person" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Excellent Lawyer and Great Person. I highly recommend Attorney Grieve for anyone in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Southeastern Wisconsin.

"Tom is My Go-To Guy" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

The best thing to look for in a criminal defense attorney is experience and track record:

Tom is my go-to guy with any questions that I have related to criminal defense. He knows the law, he knows the other attorneys, he knows the procedures, and he knows the judges.

"Best defense attorneys!" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Best defense attorneys! Tom and his team are professional and easy to work with. They took immediate action on my traffic ticket. I would HIGHLY recommend! These guys go above and beyond. Thanks Tom!

"Grieve Law Changed My Life" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I was charged with a few criminal offenses and didn't know what to do. I was distraught and thought that my mistakes would control my future. My first lawyer said I'd be lucky if the prosecutor would be willing to reduce the charges. I then hired Grieve Law and not only got the charges reduced to non-criminal tickets but then they kept fighting until most of those even disappeared. Grieve Law changed my life through exceptional knowledge of the law and dedicated attention to my case. I am grateful for their help and would recommend them to anyone who asks!

"Once again" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I first used Grieve Law to fight a traffic stop that resulted in two tickets and 10 OWI points. My violations were reduced to a 3 point non-moving violation. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results and when it came time to me needing OWI defense in Wisconsin, I knew I could count on Grieve Law once again. Tom was comforting, extremely knowledgeable, and upfront about all expectations. It was the first time I had ever been in serious trouble, and having Grieve Law at my side made all the difference. Tom and his team know every minute detail and every step a police stop must legally follow and were great at picking apart the case. I recommend him for all cases big and small and will never use anyone else!

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Wisconsin's New Concealed Carry Laws, I'd Call Tom" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

When it comes to understanding Wisconsin's new concealed carry laws, I'd call Tom. He is professional even when adversarial, and thorough.

"Very Pleased With How Tom Handled My Case" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"When I sat down for my consultation with Mr. Grieve, it was apparent that he cared not only about my case, but also that I understood all of my options. The next meeting when we went over the details, he explained to me what I could expect from each possible outcome and what he believed would be offered and what the best course of action would be.

He must have a crystal ball, as what he explained was exactly what we ended up Plea-bargaining the charges down to. Mr Grieve is very personable, which I believe plays a large part in why he is so successful in what he does. 

This is the first time I have ever needed an attorney in my life, and I have to say I was very pleased with how Tom handled my case."

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Thank Goodness I Had Grieve Law" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I was worried about how my life would be if I was convicted of the criminal charges I had received. A lawyer had told me the district attorney was unwilling to negotiate and I was ready to accept the charges. It was then that I discovered Grieve Law and they were able to get my charges reduced to noncriminal civil violations, they were able to get some charges dropped because of their exceptional knowledge and skills. Thank goodness I had Grieve Law when I did, otherwise I would have accepted a much worse fate.

"No BS Lawyer" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom is very knowledgeable well experienced no BS lawyer. Tom does not sugarcoat or provide false promises. Tom outlines all possible scenarios that may happen to properly prepare you for what lies ahead. 

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Tom Went Above & Beyond" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom appeared to truly care about my case when I met with him, which is one of the reasons I hired him. The outcome of my case proved that this was true, as Tom went above and beyond to legally protect me. I have hired other lawyers before who would tell me there is nothing they can do, “This is a good deal. Take it." That never sat well with me. Tom explained how I had a few options, and he took the time to explain the pros and cons of each, as well as the probability of a desirable outcome based on what direction we went. He has earned my repeat business.  

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"'In the Trenches' Type of Experience" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom is easy to work with, he stayed late to accommodate my schedule. Tom reviewed every single word in every document we had to deal with. He made sure I understood every detail. Tom seemed very knowledgeable on existing laws and also follows potential legislative law changes.

I liked Tom’s open personality, straight talk and energy/motivation. I very much liked how easy it was to find Tom’s offices which are right off of I-94 & Pewaukee Rd; very simple. Last, but not least, as I understand it, part of Tom’s legal experience consists of working as a State Prosecutor. I’m impressed with that type of background as I think it represents “in the trenches” type of experience. That’s hard to beat.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"He never judged me" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom took my case and never made me feel ashamed nor guilty. He never judged me on the act I committed, and immediately began to find ways to help me. He has a lot of experience working with clients being charged with drug and alcohol crimes and it shows in his work. He was very knowledgeable on how the court system works in this particular case and was able to use that to my advantage. I am very pleased with the outcome of how my case ended and I am thankful Tom was there to help me and defend me the whole way.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Knowledgeable, Detail-Orientated, Efficient & Assertive Attorney" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Honest and Professional, Attorney Grieve is a knowledgeable, detail-orientated, efficient and assertive attorney. He handled a discrimination case for me and offered invaluable advice that saved me both time and money. He responded quickly and thoroughly to all of my emails and phone calls. He will explain in detail all available options and give you his honest opinion on which option is most attainable. I would highly recommend his services to any of my friends.

"Attorney Grieve Gets Results" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"Attorney Grieve gets results. Period."

"From the 2 Felonies I Was Charged With to Misdemeanors & Probation" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I had Tom Grieve when I had my possession of THC w/ intent (200-1000 g) after my apartment got raided and I got just two years probation and the possibility for expungement.

He's representing me again now for my possession case from Winter Warmer, and he's doing a great job again; got me off my PO hold in time to keep my job and is talking the prosecutor down from the two felonies I was charged with to misdemeanors and probation. He's a cool guy too!

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"An Excellent Strategist" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"An excellent strategist. Fully reads and understands all of his client's needs. An excellent listener. Very careful with reviewing documents. Always has his clients best interest in mind. Excellent office support staff."

"Strongly Suggest Others See Him for a Defense Attorney" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I need someone who is assertive and aggressive in working for me as my lawyer, no matter the situation; unlike many who are do-nothing, empty suits.

Tom was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with what I needed to see him for. He was very agreeable with like-minded views who is honest in his opinions and suggestions.

I will absolutely strongly suggest others see him for a defense attorney. Thank you so much Tom! Great Defense Attorney!

"He Even Took My Call While On Vacation" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"We needed an attorney for my Son. After speaking with quite a few, I found Tom's information. He immediately made us feel at ease. He made us feel as if we were more important than anything else he had going on. He even took my call while on vacation. We were talking for quite a while before he even mentioned he was out of the state! Tom has a way with his clients that puts you at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable, polite, and genuine. We were blessed to have found him!"

"Well-Respected Attorney for a Good Reason" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Amy Scholz is a "well-respected attorney for a good reason: she brings her years as a former state criminal prosecutor to the table for her clients each time she steps into court. Attorney Scholz has earned the experience and achieved the results that clients look for in an attorney. That experience combined with her strong communication and knowledge of the law is what makes her a sought-after attorney. I highly recommend attorney Scholz"

"He Must Have a Crystal Ball" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"This is the first time I have ever needed an attorney in my life, so I had no idea what to expect.

After meeting with Tom I knew he was not your average lawyer. He cared about my case and explained to me how things would probably play out based on the options available.

He must have a crystal ball, as what he explained was exactly what he was able to negotiate the charges down to. I met with 3 other lawyers prior to Tom, and it was a night and day difference.

I am keeping his card in my wallet from now on.

An attorney with a soul.... they do exist!"

"Most Communicative Lawyer I Have Ever Encountered" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"Tom Grieve was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered and I was always able to reach him quickly. His professionalism, humanity and understanding were beyond what I could ever hope for. He has the right connections and impressive negotiation skills. His fees are fair and he always tries to find the quickest and cost-effective solution to resolve a case. I would highly recommend him as your attorney."

"Tom Gives Every Client His Best Effort" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom is a very hardworking, honest man. In my experience, Tom gives every client his best effort. Tom is also very intelligent and he has an excellent memory. I would recommend Tom to anyone searching for an attorney.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Mr. Grieve is a Very Capable Attorney" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Mr. Grieve is a very capable attorney. I recently hired him and his associates (who were lovely) for a DUI where I had a firearm in my center console (CCW Wisconsin permit). I wasn't aware if you were drinking that you can't have your CCW on you in the car, and ultimately they wanted me to sit for six months in jail. Grieve got it dropped completely which is fantastic or my future career would have been nonexistent. 

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"I Cannot Imagine Finding Anyone Better" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"Mr. Grieve,

I'm writing to thank you for doing such a great job winning my case. I am very grateful to have met you and have you as my lawyer. I cannot imagine finding anyone better; your communication during the process could not have been better and I always felt like you always went the extra mile and made sure I was informed during the entire process. If I ever need anything regarding the law, I will continue to use you going forward; I have already had and will continue to recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you again!"

"Felony Was Dropped to 2 Misdemeanors" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I would definitely recommend my attorney Glenn. I had a clean record, so I was devastated last year when suddenly I was facing a Class G felony. If I hadn't attained a lawyer, & just decided to plead guilty, then I would have done around fifteen days in jail, had a year of probation, & a felony on my record forever. I was panicky about this, but my attorney always put my mind at ease on the phone, & helped me to make the wise decision of waiting out a few court dates for an even better offer. It took a while for this case to conclude, but that was ultimately for the best. The felony was dropped to two misdemeanors, & I did not get a year of probation, or any probation for that matter. All I ended up getting was a month in jail. My original offer was being a felon for life & 15 days in basically what I got was 15 more days than the original offer & I still managed to avoid being a felon for life -all thanks to Grieve Law! 

Attorney: Glenn Gaskill

"He Got Me Out of Jail" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I've had Tom for a couple of felony drug charges and he really helped me. After my apartment got raided and I got charged with possession of THC 200-1000 grams I ended up with just 2 years probation. Then when I got arrested on that probation with weed and some MDMA - felony charges - he got me out of jail in time to save my job and got my felonies down to misdemeanors with just more probation.

Tom has always been patient and made sure I understood what was going on and that my questions were answered. He was always very honest and upfront about his predictions and advice and he was very knowledgeable. I think one of the things that makes Tom so effective is that he got to know a bit about me and presented my character to the prosecutor in a very positive light.

I highly recommend Tom Grieve, and I will instantly hire him again if I need a defense attorney.

"2 Felony Charges Reduced to 1 Misdemeanor Ticket" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom and his associate were successful in defending my 18 year old daughter and getting two felony charges reduced to one misdemeanor ticket. My daughter and I could not be happier with the outcome. Thank You For all your help!

"Skilled, Intelligent & Well-Spoken Defense Attorney" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

When you are looking for a lawyer for your firearms charge or concealed carry in Wisconsin, the best things to consider are experience and track record.

Tom has an exceptionally strong courtroom presence and his knowledge of the law makes him very effective in representing his clients. Further, his knowledge and passion for the Second Amendment make him truly sought after in the field. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a skilled, intelligent and well-spoken defense attorney.

"Worked with Mr. Grieve to Set Up an NFA Firearm Trust" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

“I worked with Mr Grieve to set up an NFA Firearm Trust. Answered all of my questions, easy to fill out questionnaire, and reviewed EVERYTHING with me line by line. All of this and reasonably priced as well. Would do again, glad I found him!”

"Exactly the Kind of Person I Wanted Representing Me" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom Grieve has represented me twice, and both times he has done an excellent job for me. Both times were for felony drug cases where I was looking at years in prison, but Tom, through his combination of legal experience and social tact, was able to get me off with just 2 years probation on each (Look me up on CCAP if you want proof). One of the things I really like about Tom is that he is a very friendly and trustworthy individual. He gave me his honest opinion, even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear. And as I talked with him for my first consultation, I realized that someone as personable and knowledgeable as him was exactly the kind of person who I wanted representing me to the prosecutor and judge. It seems to me like being an effective attorney is half knowing the law, and half knowing how to get the opposition to see your side, and Tom has both halves down! Tom prevented a bad situation in my life from becoming catastrophic, and I recommend him to anyone and everyone dealing with drug charges in Wisconsin.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Grieve Law Were The Best" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I talked to a lot of different law firms and the attorneys at Grieve Law were the best. They knew all the answers to my questions and were always very professional. Best part was they got me out of my offense. I would highly recommend Grieve Law.

"He Took the Time to Explain Everything" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I was so impressed the first time I spoke to Attorney Grieve - he took the time to explain everything and was knowledgeable and honest on what the reality of the situation was. Highly recommend!!

"I received immediate attention" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

A+++ service. Courteous and client-focused. I contacted Grieve Law online with a general question in regards to employment law and WI OWI for guidance. To my surprise, I received immediate attention. Joseph called me and spoke with me for 20 minutes about my concern. At that time my question was addressed even though he did not benefit financially from my situation/concern. I only wish that I had contacted Joseph when attempting to contest the citation back in 2017. I did not receive this service when hiring my prior attorney. I recommend Joseph/Grieve Law as I can tell that they are "person-focused" and dedicated to helping/providing exceptional service. I can tell that they have a person's best interest in mind.

Attorney: Joseph Kennedy

"Great Work & Amazing Job by this Law Firm!" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I had Julia Westley as my attorney handling my offense. Throughout our time together, Julia was very responsive to my questions, kept me informed and did some great persuasion on my behalf with the DA. She was able to get the charges lowered and now I am able to move on and learn from the mistake. Great work and amazing job by this law firm!

Attorney: Julia Westley

"Wasn't Just About Getting the Case Over With" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I worked with attorney Julia Westley for my owi case in Wisconsin. She was always very responsive to any inquiries I had even after my sentencing. I could always tell that she genuinely cared about where the case was going and felt that she had my best interests at heart and it wasn't just about getting the case over with. Would highly recommend.

"She Was 100% On My Side" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Attorney Julia Westley helped me through a very uncomfortable and uncharacteristic situation I found myself in. She promised me she would litigate for the best possible outcome, and I believe she got it. She worked on my behalf for a reasonable sum, which I thanked her for. She was 100% on my side, sometimes you need an advocate! Thanks again Julia!

"Julia worked on a more personal level" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I would like to take a moment and let it be known and give thanks to Julia Westly for the outstanding job she did for me and my family.  I was without a doubt expecting the worst scenario, but with Julia’s eye for detail and willingness to ask all questions things ended with a positive outcome. I liked very much that Julia worked on a more personal level not working for me but with me, by answering my questions explaining the fundamentals in detail. Julia made sure I understood what I needed to know. I did have a negative outlook when it came to lawyers. Perhaps Julia has changed this for me. All I know is-and I pray I will never need this service again but if I do, I will be knocking at your door asking for Julia Westley. I thank you so much. 

Attorney: Julia Westley

"Knowledgeable in the WI & Federal Gun Laws" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

“I recently hired Tom to write and execute an NFA trust in Wisconsin for me. He was very knowledgeable in the WI and federal gun laws and spent time explaining everything with me. Setting up the NFA trust was very easy and I feel very fortunate to have found Tom to help me. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and associates who would be interested in owning NFA items. Thanks Tom.”

"Tom spoke to us...not over our head" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom spoke to us...not over our head. We GREATLY APPRECIATE the information

Attorney:Tom Grieve

"Grieve Law Will Be the Only Law Firm I Contact" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I had the privilege to work with Kaitlin on my case and she was able to reduce the charges from a misdemeanor due to driving on a suspended license in WI to a penalty for driving without a license in Wisconsin. She was also able to get my other citation for turning on a red light dismissed. I was extremely stressed about this case since I was only days away from getting my license back before this happened and I am pursuing a career and she helped out tremendously. I thank her and Grieve Law for standing by me through this case. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, Grieve Law will be the only Law Firm I contact.

Attorney: Kaitlin Grasswick

"THE best attorney in America!" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom is THE best attorney in America! Use him!!!

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"The lawyer we needed" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom Grieve was just the lawyer we needed when our options seemed limited, and getting our case resolved seemed impossible. He fought for us and didn’t give up and he didn’t let us give up either. We would 100% recommend Tom Grieve or anyone on his team.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"Tom Was Incredibly Efficient" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"Tom was incredibly efficient. Once I gave him the details of my case he put together a few different directions to pursue. He discussed the pros and cons of each and after we picked one he handled every aspect from start to finish. He is hard-working, honest, and very reliable. I would highly recommend him."

Attorney: Tom Grieve

"I Highly Recommend Grieve Law & Attorney Westley" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I must say I am very thankful Grieve Law was introduced into my life. I had Attorney Julia Westley represent me in a case for a WI OWI charge. Among all the work she did for me, what meant to me the most is she never doubted my word against the arresting officer's. Over the one year the case had been ongoing, she was able to get the charge dropped from a 3rd offense, to a 2nd offense, to the case being dismissed altogether. I am quite certain if I would have worked with a public defender, I would have been encouraged to plea guilty and accept the prosecutor's offer, which was basically agreeing to serve almost the maximum amount of jail time for a 2nd OWI offense (learn more about 2nd OWI Wisconsin penalties). Although the last 10 months have been beyond stressful, without Julia's hard work on my case, her honesty with me, and the thorough explanations she provided to me about my options and the possible resulting outcomes, I can say with almost complete certainty things would have turned out a lot differently; it is amazing what a conclusion can be when you have someone fighting for you from the very start all the way up until the end. I highly recommend Grieve Law and Attorney Westley. 

Attorney: Julia Westley

"Everything Down to a Ticket!" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Before I went to Grieve Law, my lawyer said it was unlikely that my criminal charges would be dropped or changed. Grieve Law was able to negotiate everything down to a ticket! I will forever be thankful for Grieve Law’s negotiation skills and help with my case.

"I Couldn't Have Asked for Better" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

"I couldn't have asked for a better, more caring and competent attorney and I will say that to anyone, anytime!"

"Expert Negotiations" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

It was Grieve Law’s outstanding professionalism that attracted me initially as a client and I was pleased to discover my decision to rely upon them to assist me with criminal charges I had received was well placed. Tom Grieve’s expert negotiations helped not only some of my charges to be reduced to noncriminal charges but others to be dropped altogether. I’m glad I placed my trust in Grieve law during a time when I needed extraordinary support.

"Experienced & Skilled Trial Lawyer" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Amy is an experienced and skilled trial lawyer, who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. She's a zealous advocate and a knowledgeable counselor.

"Could Not Have Been Happier with the Results" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom came with rave reviews from many of the people I deal with in my line of business, and his knowledge and tenaciousness as a lawyer certainly came through and proved to be vital in my case. I could not have been happier with the results and would use Tom in the future.

"They Know The Law, They Respect Their Clients, & They Get Results!" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I was facing serious charges. With the experience of Attorney Gaskill, he discovered that the evidence didn't support the charge, and the case was dismissed. I can't say enough about the Attorneys at Grieve law. They know the law, they respect their clients, and they get results!

Attorney: Glenn Gaskill

"Hands Down the 1st Call to Make" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I was treated like I was the only one he was working with. Very professional and focused on my needs to make sure I was taken care of. Hands down the first call to make if you're in need of any legal assistance for DUI, Speeding, reckless driving.

"Successful Resolution" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I cannot say enough about the services I received! It may seem trivial, however, having successfully been defended concerning a moving traffic violation, my insurance rates were maintained at the low rate I enjoy at present! The experience and relationships enjoyed by Grieve Law allowed the successful resolution of an otherwise unpleasant situation! Thanks Grieve Law!

"I Am Glad They Had My Back" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I chose Grieve Law to represent me on behalf of my speeding violation. His team was extremely professional, responsive and turned a negative into a positive very quickly. I am glad they had my back in this process and highly recommend this superior law firm. 

"Exactly What We Need Should We Ever Require Legal Services" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Tom Grieve made a great impression on us when meeting with him for the first time. We had a few questions about being responsible gun owners and he was generous enough to take the time to answer those completely and professionally. We've not had the occasion to actually use his services to this date, but after meeting Tom in person, we have no doubt that he will be exactly what we need should we ever require legal services. We feel much more prepared now that we have met with him.

"I Am Dealing With a 5-Star Attorney" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Having dealt with many attorneys during my career in law enforcement, I know when I am dealing with a five-star attorney. Tom is exactly that. Should life take a turn for you where you need an attorney, Tom is who you want.

"I Always Felt I Was in Good Hands" Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Review

I hired Tom Grieve to handle my DUI case. It wasn't my first DUI, so I've had experience working with other attorneys, who simply took my money, showed up in court, and didn't do much else in between. Tom, thankfully, was not such an attorney. He impressed me with his knowledge, thoroughness, and persistence. He thought of every angle to try to get the best outcome and wouldn't give up. I always felt I was in good hands and found him very reassuring during a really difficult time. When my family had questions and concerns, he was willing to reassure them, as well. And they, too, have expressed how impressed they were with him.

Attorney: Tom Grieve

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