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Grieve Law is an award-winning North Prairie DUI defense firm, which has gained respect for getting DUI/OWI charges and drug possession charges reduced or even dismissed entirely. From first offenses to your 10th, these charges can have serious life-long consequences if you're convicted. The lawyers on our team are former state prosecutors with insider knowledge of the nuance and loopholes in Wisconsin DUI law. 

You are only guilty if you are convicted™

When you get a DUI it's important to secure a good defense lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you contact Grieve Law for a free case consultation, the sooner we can be ready to defend you in court. DUI and drug possession convictions come with life-long consequences, make sure you're as prepared as possible to fight back in court.

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Where to Go for Court: 130 N. Harrison Street, North Prairie, Wisconsin  53153

Police Department: 130 N. Harrison Street, North Prairie, Wisconsin  53153

North Prairie Drug Defense Lawyers
If facing drug charges in North Prairie, WI, Grieve Law is the defense attorney you need to have charges either dropped or significantly reduced. Our Waukesha drug possession criminal defense attorneys have years of success defending our clients against drug charges brought against them.
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Choosing the least expensive lawyer is almost never the best plan of action, and you risk it ultimately costing you more when it's all said and done. At Grieve Law, our Waukesha criminal defense firm offers payment plans to ensure you can afford the absolute best defense possible, and avoid your misdemeanor or felony penalties.
Don't trust your life to a fee-to-plea lawyer who will take your cash and immediately settle, leaving you to deal with the consequences. A free, no-obligation consultation with our team of award-winning former state prosecutors is just a call away.
Contact Grieve Law for a free case consultation today.

Grams Possessed


Jail Time

Maxium Fine

First Offense Any amount Misdemeanor 6 months $1,000
Subsequent Offense Any amount Felony 3.5 years $10,000

In North Prairie, Wisconsin, how long does a controlled substance charge stay on your record?

Even lower-level controlled substance crimes, ones that lead to fines of $150 to $300, could be listed on your record permanently.North Prairie

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