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Caledonia OWI Defense Attorneys

Don’t let an OWI charge in Caledonia permanently disrupt your life. Trust the award-winning attorneys at Grieve Law to uphold your rights. Our skilled lawyers possess the expertise needed to strategically combat the allegations and fight for your future.

With a specialized understanding of Wisconsin’s impaired driving laws and criminal justice system, we know how to methodically deconstruct the prosecution’s case. After conducting a thorough review of your case’s details, we pinpoint and reveal every weakness, then harness our expertise to build an airtight defense aimed at helping you avoid severe penalties.

We know what it takes to overcome OWI allegations. Contact the experts at Grieve Law today for a free consultation to begin discussing your defense strategy and fighting for your rights.

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Caledonia WI Criminal Defense Attorney

Caledonia Police Department: 6900 Nicholson Rd., Caledonia, WI 53108
Where to go for court: 5043 Chester Ln., Racine WI, 53402

Drug Charge Defense Attorneys in Caledonia

The experienced criminal defense team at Grieve Law is here to help when you’re confronted with drug charges in Caledonia. Our attorneys are experts in combating intricate drug cases and are committed to protecting your rights at every stage of your case.

We tailor our legal strategy to your precise allegations and the substances involved, whether it’s a minor possession charge or a serious distribution allegation. Our legal team will thoroughly examine the details of your situation to construct solid, evidence-based arguments aimed at dismantling the prosecution’s case.

Grieve Law’s goal is always to get your charges significantly reduced or dismissed entirely so you can move your life forward. Trust our award-winning team and our well-documented history of getting criminal charges in Wisconsin dismissed.

Attorney Payment Plans

We firmly believe financial obstacles should never stand in the way of securing top-notch criminal defense. Grieve Law collaborates with every client to create payment plans to align with their budgets.

We are committed to ensuring the high-quality legal representation you deserve is in your corner. Move forward with your life confidently with Grieve Law on your side.

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Grams Possessed

1st Offense - Any amount Subsequent Offenses - Any amount


1st Offense - Misdemeanor Subsequent Offenses - Felony

Jail Time

1st Offense - 6 months Subsequent Offenses - 3.5 years

Maximum Fine

1st Offense - $1,000 Subsequent Offenses - $10,000

In Caledonia, Wisconsin, how long does a violence-related charge stay on your record?

Charges related to violence in Caledonia often stay on Wisconsin residents´┐Ż records not just for 1, 3, 5 or even 20 years, but permanently.

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