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Reducing or dismissing Whitefish Bay criminal charges

Trust the attorneys at Grieve Law when you’re facing criminal charges in Whitefish Bay. Our award-winning team has spent years defending Milwaukee County clients against OWI, drug, domestic abuse and firearm allegations, and we’ll craft an expert defense to safeguard your rights.

We believe one mistake should not ruin your life. Our priorities at Grieve Law are protecting your rights and securing the best possible outcome in your case. We’ll guide you through the complex legal system and handle all interactions with police and prosecutors while building you an unshakable case.

Don’t fight criminal charges alone. Turn to Grieve Law for dedicated representation from top-tier defense attorneys who achieve results.

Contact Grieve Law today for a free consultation to begin discussing your defense strategy and fighting for your freedom.

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Whitefish Bay criminal defense lawyers

Whitefish Bay Police Station & Court: 5300 N Marlborough Drive, Whitefish Bay WI, 53217


OWI Defense Attorneys in Whitefish Bay

The attorneys at Grieve Law specialize in representing clients facing impaired driving charges. Our primary goal is to protect you from unnecessarily harsh penalties like steep fines, incarceration and license revocation.

In OWI cases, experienced representation is critical. Our lawyers offer rare expertise from both sides of Wisconsin criminal law, equipping us with proven strategies to achieve success. We understand the complexities of criminal cases inside and out, and we use our knowledge to design ironclad defenses and expose flaws in the prosecution’s case.

You need advocates you can trust when so much is at stake. Grieve Law has an outstanding record of defending OWI charges and uncompromising dedication to each and every one of our clients.

Attorney Payment Plans

Grieve Law is committed to making premier legal representation accessible, regardless of your financial circumstances. We know facing criminal charges can be financially devastating, and the costs of quality legal counsel can be stressful. We offer flexible payment plans so cost never stands in your way of justice.

Opting for a low-budget attorney to save money too often backfires, leading to steeper fines, harsher sentences and jail time. Grieve Law doesn’t make you choose between top-notch representation and affordability. We’re driven by a passion for protecting your rights and our expert attorneys have a proven track record of constructing unshakable defenses for our clients.

Contact Grieve Law today, the criminal defense team Whitefish Bay trusts.

Grams Possessed


Jail Time

Maxium Fine

First Offense Any amount Misdemeanor 6 months $1,000
Subsequent Offense Any amount Felony 3.5 years $10,000

In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, how long does a controlled substance charge stay on your record?

A Whitefish Bay or Glendale, Wisconsin, resident who has been charged with possession of a controlled substance would likely have that charge on their record for life.Whitefish Bay

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