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Washington County residents facing OWI charges could benefit from legal advice and defense from an experienced Wisconsin OWI attorney. The penalties for an OWI conviction can be hefty, including a $300 fine, not to mention a $435 surcharge and license revocation up to 9 months.

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first-time OWI charge in Washington County has the potential to carry serious consequences. Attempting to navigate the intricate legal process without the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney will likely leave you vulnerable to hefty fines, jail time, job loss and license revocation.

Grieve Law’s award-winning attorneys have an in-depth understanding of OWI charges and proven strategies to fight them. We will meticulously assess your case, uphold your rights and challenge every flaw we find in the prosecution’s arguments while building the strongest defense possible.

Don’t allow OWI charges to put your future at risk without putting up a fight. Contact Grieve Law today for a free consultation call to start developing your case and moving your life forward.

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Grieve Law attorneys fight for your rights when you are facing criminal charges in Washington County.

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Washington County OWI attorney

Washington County Courthouse: 432 E Washington St. West Bend WI, 53090
Washington County Sheriff's Office: 500 Schmidt Rd. West Bend WI, 53090


If you’re faced with OWI allegations, it is critical to have an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense team on your side with an intricate understanding of your defense options and a knowledge of proven strategies. The legal team at Grieve Law has decades of combined experience on both sides of Wisconsin’s criminal justice system, providing us the expertise to construct the most strategic and effective defense for your unique case.

Our well-documented history of success is driven by our unwavering dedication and commitment to securing the best possible result for each client. We leverage our expertise to craft a defense targeting the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case while highlighting the facts in your favor. Throughout every stage of the legal process, from the issuance of a citation to negotiations to the final resolution, Grieve Law’s skilled OWI defense attorneys will stand by your side. We will answer all your questions, proactively communicate, build your strongest defense and manage all interactions with prosecutors on your behalf. With Grieve Law on your side, you can move your life forward with confidence.

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It’s difficult to be completely prepared to face criminal charges, and we understand the financial stress of retaining high-quality legal counsel can add to the situation. Grieve Law offers flexible payment plans so your financial limitations never restrict your access to top-notch criminal defense.

A low-budget attorney too often leads to a low-budget defense strategy. When your record and future are on the line, experienced representation is critical. Grieve Law provides free consultations to discuss costs and how we can create an affordable solution to align with your budget. Our mission is to make our award-winning attorneys accessible to anyone requiring exceptional legal counsel. Don’t settle for less; allow Grieve Law to create a path toward the strongest defense and secure the most favorable outcome possible for you.

Our Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys fight for clients anywhere in Washington County, including:

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Grams Possessed


Jail Time

Maxium Fine

First Offense Any amount Misdemeanor 6 months $1,000
Subsequent Offense Any amount Felony 3.5 years $10,000

In Washington County, how long does an OWI conviction stay on your record?

In Washington County, an OWI charge can stay on your record for life. In Wisconsin, if your first OWI arrest was made by a sheriff officer rather than a local police department officer, your OWI charge will appear on CCAP.

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