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Criminal Attorney Free Consultation on costs/defenses (Madison office)

Madison, Wisconsin residents who need legal advice can get a free consultation with a lawyer at Grieve Law's Madison office. Seek advice on situations involving drugs, sex crime allegations, first-offense DUI/OWI, possession of an illegal weapon and more.

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Free Consultation: Madison and Fitchburg Area

Don't let one situation ruin your life by trying to navigate the complicated legal system alone. A free initial consultation with a Madison criminal defense lawyer will help you understand your charges and your best options moving forward. Several of our attorneys used to be prosecutors, so they understand how aggressively the prosecution will attack you. 

You're more than your charge, and you deserve lawyers who will put in the time and effort to fight for you. Contact Grieve Law to have the toughest lawyers in criminal defense leading your way back to ordinary life. 

The Most Common Mistake in Choosing a Madison Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many people go for attorneys who tell them what they want to hear. Being told every charge will be dropped can be comforting, but empty promises won’t win your case. You need an experienced attorney who is highly knowledgeable about the law. A Grieve Law criminal defense lawyer knows how to defend your case through evidence and strategy.

A great attorney will give you a realistic outlook and use all available options and defenses to get the best outcome. Our Madison defense attorneys understand how the law works in the Wisconsin court system. Give us a call before your initial appearance in Wisconsin to get the best possible outcome for your situation. We serve clients from Verona, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Middleton, and nearby Dane County communities.


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On Retainers and Payment Plans

Your initial phone consultation is completely free. We’ll go over the specifics of your case and provide upfront details about costs.

Contact Madison Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Grieve for a free legal consultation.


What is a free consultation with a lawyer?

A free consultation with a lawyer is a confidential & complimentary meeting to find out if your case and the potential lawyer are a good match. Free consultations do not typically involve legal advice- they are brief discussions of what to expect if you choose to hire the lawyer you’re meeting with.

What questions should I ask a lawyer during a free consultation?

Ask your lawyer about his or her experience with criminal defense cases + what to expect from communication and procedures from his or her firm. Ask about the lawyer’s fee structures and estimated costs to handle your case.

What should I have ready for my consultation?

Arrive early and prepared with all your notes and questions written down and organized. Bring copies of any documents relevant to your case. If possible, attend your free consultation alone to ensure confidentiality.

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