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From OWI to battery, disorderly conduct, drugs or any other criminal or traffic charge our attorneys are proficient in defending against cases like yours and will fight to prevent a conviction or mitigate the effects the case has on your life.

Glenn Gaskill

OWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you or a loved one are facing criminal or traffic charges in Ozaukee or Washington County, our team of experienced attorneys may be able to help. Our firm’s sole focus is defending people like yourself who are facing criminal or traffic violations and our experience uniquely positions our attorneys to defend you against your charges. With our free consultation, you can get your questions answered today so that you can decide what the best decision is going forward.

Our attorneys are experienced in the intricacies in Ozaukee and Washington County and by focusing on exclusively criminal and traffic law, they can help you no matter the charges you are facing. 

Contact our attorneys to explain your situation and ask any questions that you have. We will then be able to advise you as to how our firm can help and support you in your case going forward. Do not wait, give our award-winning team of attorneys a call today so that we can get started fighting on your behalf.

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because we were prosecutors.

Tom Grieve, the firm's managing attorney and founder, is a former state prosecutor and is not the only ex-prosecutor at the firm. We love hiring attorneys from both sides of the wall to bring as many perspectives to fight your case as aggressively as possible. The State of Wisconsin likes it when you choose the run-of-the-mill fee to plea™ lawyers who don't even know how to analyze and defend cases instead of experienced criminal attorneys:

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