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Weapons Charges in Ozaukee & Washington Counties

Being convicted of a weapons charge is a serious offense with penalties including jail or prison time and significant fines, which can have a substantial impact on your life. Our Ozaukee and Washington County gun team challenges gun charges for the purpose of reducing the impact your case will have on your future. Regardless of whether your case is a misdemeanor, like intoxicated possession of a firearm, or a felony for unintentionally discharging a firearm, having the right attorney on your side is imperative when defending your case.

Our gun team for Ozaukee and Washington County represent clients with all types of weapons-related charges. A weapons case could be something minor like carrying a concealed weapon or something incredibly serious like homicide and everything in between:

  • intoxicated possession of a firearm
  • felon in possession of a firearm
  • domestic violence with use of a dangerous weapon
  • reckless or unlawful use of weapons

The knowledge and experience our gun team attorneys possess put you in the position to achieve the best possible outcome.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Frequently the gun laws in Wisconsin do not require intent for you to be charged.  Having a concealed weapon license allows you to carry a firearm in a concealed fashion, but it does not give you the right to possess a firearm in a bar, school, post office or other government buildings.  If, in one of those locations, you are found in possession of a firearm, you can be charged with carrying a concealed weapon a class A misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of nine months in jail, a $10,000 fine or both.  To be convicted, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the three elements of the crime:

  1. you possessed a firearm
  2. you were aware of the possession
  3. the firearm was concealed

It is not a defense to the second element that you simply forgot your firearm was present.  Similarly, intoxicated possession of a firearm has two elements:

  1. you went armed with a firearm
  2. you were under the influence of an intoxicant while being armed

Someone who works as an armed guard may go out for drinks after work, placing their firearm in the car. However, if you were later pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving the presence of a firearm in the vehicle can result in charges for intoxicated possession of a firearm. In this scenario, you intentionally removed your firearm so that it was not in your possession while you were drinking. When you returned to the vehicle the firearm was left where you had previously placed it. These precautions that you took, do not insulate you from being charged with a class A misdemeanor for intoxicated possession of a firearm with a maximum nine-month jail sentence, a $10,000 fine or both.

"But it was self-defense!"

Raising a defense to a firearm case means that you must first be charged with a crime. In Wisconsin you are entitled to defend yourself, however, to raise a self-defense claim means that you were charged with a crime.  Unfortunately, being justified in your actions does not insulate you from being charged. Threatening someone with a firearm or other dangerous weapon and intentionally pointing a firearm at someone are both class A misdemeanors. Frequently these charges arise out of scenarios where someone felt threatened and your actions may be justified, however, a charge that carries jail time may still be issued against you. 

Our Ozaukee and Washington gun team will help you defend against your case, limit the consequences on your future and put you in the best possible position for a successful outcome.

Contact the experienced gun attorneys at Grieve Law today for a free case consultation.

How long do gun charges stay on my record?

A conviction for a firearm charge is either a misdemeanor or a felony, no matter the level of offense a conviction will permanently remain on your record. In addition to the jail or prison time and fines you are exposed to; you may lose your ability to carry a concealed weapon and lose other rights regarding the possession of firearms.  The firearm involved in your case, upon conviction, will not be returned to you and will be deemed forfeit. To defend against your charges, it is imperative to have the right attorney representing you on your case to avoid a conviction on your record and the lifelong consequences that come with it.

How to beat a gun charge

The range of firearm charges starts with misdemeanor offenses and goes up to major felony crimes for which you can be sentenced to life in prison. Your type of case, the circumstances surrounding your charge and your record will determine the best course of action to defend against a firearm charge; the first step is to hire the right attorney to review your case.  Get in touch with our award-winning Ozaukee & Washington gun team so that we can get started reviewing the evidence and determining the path for a successful outcome.

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