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Waukesha DUI Attorney Provides Valuable Information on the Right to Remain Silent When Pulled Over for a DUI in Wisconsin 

In the recent United States Supreme Court case of Salinas v. Texas, the Court ruled a person must Best DUI Lawyers Waukeshaspecifically invoke their right to remain silent to trigger the right. Below, our Waukesha criminal defense attorneys explain what the right to remain silent in a Wisconsin DUI case can mean for you.

Waukesha OWI Lawyer Explains the Right to Remain Silent

In the above case, a suspect was being interviewed by police in a non-custodial situation (in other words, he had not been arrested and was free to leave at any time). The police asked him a key question, and the suspect looked down, shuffled his feet and “tightened up." The suspect never specifically raised his right to remain silent, but tried to rely on it later to block his response to the question from coming up in court.

The Supreme Court ruled that the information in question was allowed to be introduced during trial since the suspect failed to actively invoke his right to remain silent at the time.

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Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorneys Explains the Right to Remain Silent in Wisconsin Drunk Driving Cases

Unless you want your silence, body language or any other information you may be incidentally communicating to law enforcement (or their perception of it at least) to be introduced into evidence should you be charged with a DUI in Waukesha, or elsewhere in Wisconsin, you need to tell the officers you are raising your right to  remain silent. Better still, you should raise your right to a Waukesha DUI lawyer which is separate from raising your right to silence.

With a reputation for getting Wisconsin DUI charges dropped or reduced, we are respected as one of the best top drunk driving lawyers in Waukesha and surrounding areas. Don’t compromise your freedom, bank account and reputation on a DUI charge in Wisconsin; get the DUI lawyers Waukesha trusts for a winning defense.

Contact our Waukesha DUI lawyers right now if you have questions on the right to remain silent or on an OWI or DUI charge in Wisconsin, or to schedule for your free legal advice case assessment.

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