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Fox News Tom Grieve, Interviewed for National Fox News

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Wisconsin Gun Lawyer and Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney, Tom Grieve, Interviewed by Fox National News on Topic of Home Firearm Search

Yesterday, Wisconsin gun lawyer and Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, Tom Grieve, was interviewed by Fox National News. The topic of focus was centered on the Beloit, WI Police Department.

The Beloit Police Chief, Norm Jacobs, recommended citizens volunteer to have their homes searched by Beloit police officers in an effort to find unknown firearms. Perhaps the idea for ‘search and seizure’ of guns had good intentions, but citizens and 2nd amendment supporters are not on board with the concept.

Jacobs told that his intention was not to infringe on citizens’ rights, but rather to help cut back on gun-related homicides. Jacobs stated the goal was not to take away lawfully owned firearms; the goal was to protect against irresponsible and illegal use of firearms.

The idea is if there are less guns in the community, there is less gun-related violence. Jacobs made a rather odd comparison between gun violence and Ebola, stating that voluntary gun searches were like Ebola vaccinations.

Fox News decided it was best to have an experienced lawyer weigh in. They contacted Wisconsin gun lawyer and award-winning Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, Tom Grieve. Aside from other insights on the topic and poking many holes through Jacobs’ concept, Tom brought up an excellent point: Who in the household has the authority to contact police to conduct a search of the home?

Like Jacobs, Grieve also made an analogy, albeit a far more relevant and appropriate one: Tom stated if police were called to a home for a domestic dispute and one or both parties voluntarily let police in and the police found a 10lb. bag of marijuana, what would happen? A rhetorical question since Tom is a former state prosecutor and knows very well how this plays out. The homeowner(s) invited police officers into their home where the marijuana was found, so it would be hard to find a reason as to why these homeowners would not be charged with possession of marijuana.

In response to the holes Grieve poked in Jacobs’ idea, Jacobs attempted to justify his concept. Jacobs stated this is not a “search”, but rather an “inspection”.  Jacobs also stated that the firearm “inspection” would not be conducted unless the Beloit police officers had “absolutely clear” consent from the person of authority within the household. Obviously, a person of “authority” within the household is somewhat subjective.

In general, the public’s reaction to Jacob’s concept is overwhelmingly negative. Instead of feeling protected by Beloit police, most citizens feel like police are attempting to trap them. Perhaps a more logical approach to decreasing gun violence in Beloit would be to increase police presence in the community, improve relationships between police and the citizens, and create positive causes or events to bond community members. Even an anonymous firearm drop-off location would likely be a better way to deal with gun violence than “inspecting” homes.

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