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Sexual Assault Another charge. Another real RESULT.

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Location: Juneau County, Wisconsin

Outcome: Dismissed!

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Charges DISMISSED with No Jail Time.

My client in Juneau County came to me with a story of horror. He had been wrongfully accused of sexually assaulting a minor on multiple occasions along with exposing the minor to hardcore pornography after providing drugs and alcohol. My client swore he never touched the minor. Just the same, he had been charged with numerous sex crimes, including several very serious felonies: enough to put him in prison for decades. He admitted to making some poor decisions, and the State could prove a few small tag along charges, but he denied all of the big ones.

You are only a criminal if you are convicted™

After a series of tense negotiations with the State, I showed how the victim's story was implausible at best while the defendant had been honest and upfront the entire time. My client had no defense to a few small misdemeanors, but the case was never about those; they were about him going to prison for decades on the sexual assault charges. This client was a married family man and the charges, along with the intense media coverage, was destroying his world. He ultimately pled to only a few misdemeanors that he had no problem with, since he had agreed to the police he was guilty of those, and all of the sex charges were dismissed. He received zero days in jail and was ecstatic about the outcome.

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