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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

False Imprisonment Attorney in Madison

False Imprisionment Attorney in Madison, WIThe law states that anyone who intentionally confines or retrains another person without their consent and without the authority to do so is guilty of false imprisonment. False imprisonment is classified as a Class H Felony.

A false imprisonment charge is usually accompanied by a domestic violence enhancer, which will add penalties to an already serious crime. A felony conviction will automatically come with the loss of civil rights such as the right to vote and a lifetime ban on the ability to possess firearms.

Penalties for a False Imprisonment Conviction

  • Class H Felony
  • Maximum 6 years in prison
  • $10,000 fine

Contact a Madison criminal defense attorney to learn about the legal issues that surround your false imprisonment case. We provide a free initial phone consultation and will work to create a successful defense. Grieve Law attorneys have extensive experience in domestic violence cases and will be able to gather all the evidence to support your unique case. 

You are only guilty if you are convicted™

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Contact our Madison Criminal Defense Attorney to get your false imprisonment charges reduced or even dropped.
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