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Felony Drug Charges Lawyer in Milwaukee

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Felony Drug Charges Defense AttorneyI've had Tom for a couple of felony drug charges and he really helped me. After my apartment got raided and I got charged with possession of THC 200-1000 grams I ended up with just 2 years probation. Then when I got arrested on that probation with weed and some mdma - felony charges - he got me out of jail in time to save my job and got my felonies down to misdemeanors with just more probation.

Tom has always been patient and made sure I understood what was going on and that my questions were answered. He was always very honest and upfront about his predictions and advice and he was very knowledgeable. I think one of the things that makes Tom so effective is that he got to know a bit about me and presented my character to the prosecutor in a very positive light.

I highly recommend Tom Grieve, and I will instantly hire him again if I need a defense attorney.

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