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Fines & Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Wisconsin

Marijuana, Pot, Cannabis…Whatever You Call It, Possession Earns Fines & Penalties in Wisconsin

Defense Attorney for Marijuana, Pot, and Cannabis Fines & PenaltiesIf you’ve picked up a newspaper in the past several decades, you probably found it hard to ignore the dramatic increase in Wisconsin drug-related crimes. The more America fights the war on drugs, the more incarcerations there are. Depending on your politics, this is either a good or bad thing. Being in the business of criminal defense does not make us anyone to judge – our goal is simply to protect your rights in whatever manner legally possible.

We have a lawyers committed to fighting your possession of marijuana charge. Don't try to go it your own or agree to a plea deal that will forever mark you as a felon. Turn to our marijuana defense attorneys when you're in a tight spot.  

As of 2015, roughly half of those incarcerated in federal prisons are there because of illegal drugs. Marijuana comprises over a quarter of those offenses, with cocaine, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, heroin, and other drugs adding to the mix. You’ve heard it said that no one prosecutes the use of cannabis anymore. Maybe you've been in a state where cannabis has been legalized  and seen someone who looks professional and put-together light up a joint on public property right out in the open. Well, marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin.

From a Possession Misdemeanor to a Felony with Intent to Distribute: the Law is Still the Law

Looking at movies and other pop-culture mediums, those who recreationally smoke pot are getting more and more casual about its use – this fact cannot be denied.

What should be denied is what a seriously punishable legal offense marijuana possession still is. The prison system might be overcrowded, yet with district attorneys pressured to make higher conviction rates, and police officers still thoroughly doing their jobs, the law remains the law.

The state of Wisconsin has often been a trendsetter, but rarely one to jump on the bandwagon. What we mean by this is that Wisconsin is usually either one of the first or last states to pass legislature. Despite the efforts of organizations like Wisconsin NORML working to reform state marijuana laws, the “Milwaukee cannabis freedom” efforts have not had a significant enough impact to affect Wisconsin drug laws.

Cannabis Possession & Cultivation Charges, Fines & Penalties in Milwaukee

Cannabis Possession Charges, Fines & Penalties in Milwaukee

Being charged with marijuana possession in the greater Milwaukee area can lead to several possible fines and penalties:

  • The first offense is a misdemeanor, equating to a possible 6 months of incarceration with a maximum fine of $1,000.
  • On subsequent offenses, your second or third marijuana possession charge gets ramped up to a felony with up to 3 and a half years of incarceration and a maximum fine of up to $10,000.

Being charged with the sale of marijuana, even if it is 200 grams or less, is a Class I felony with the same fine and jail-time penalties as a repeat THC possession charge.

Growing marijuana, or cultivation, is an offense with the strictest charges in Wisconsin with the following possible fines and penalties:

  • Class H felony sentence
  • A potential 6 years of incarceration for having 4 to 20 plants
  • $10,000 maximum fine

If you have been caught with possession of 10,000 grams of cannabis or more and are being charged with intent to distribute marijuana or if you are caught with more than 200 cultivated plants, you may face the following charges, fines and penalties:

Charges for Keeping a Drug House in Wisconsin

While maintaining a drug house in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor, the charge is often paired with possession and intent to distribute, which is a felony with much more severe penalties. Our drug possession attorneys fight to get your penalties for all drug charges reduced or dropped.

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

That’s right, you can get a DUI/OWI for impaired driving from marijuana. If you’re pulled over with marijuana in your system, you’ll face a fine of $150–300 for a first offense. Repeat offenses can involve higher fines, jail time, and driver’s license suspension.

Waukesha Law Firm Offers Free Case Assessments for Marijuana Charges

There’s a good chance you are not interested in criminal defense services for yourself. Your direct need for a drug offense attorney might very well spawn from having a loved one who was dealt a bad hand in an uncertain circumstance. Your spouse or child might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and were then blamed for the actions of others.

Post-arrest, the hopelessness of an uncertain future is unsettling, to say the least. Perhaps your husband is clinging to a CDL which is your family’s livelihood for daily support. It could be that your child is attending a university, making terrific grades, and on track to truly become someone. Then in a moment, the Wisconsin laws for marijuana possession and use come crashing down.

Whether you're in Waukesha or as far south as Racine, our Wisconsin law firm can help.

Without retaining a criminal defense attorney, one small marijuana case in Milwaukee could put a permanent damper on your family member’s life and forever haunt an otherwise bright future. The world is a competitive place, and the sheets of another’s history can always be cleaner. Keep your good name by letting Grieve Law offices help immediately.

For your free case assessment, contact our Milwaukee marijuana defense attorneys.

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