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Lawyer Payment Plans (OWI/Drugs/Crime) Brookfield-Waukesha office just off Bluemound

Our lawyers & criminal defense attorneys in Brookfield & Waukesha County provide payment plan options for our clients. Schedule a free consultation to discuss payment plans with one of our attorneys.

We represent clients throughout Wisconsin, with offices in Milwaukee, Madison, Brookfield, Mequon, Racine, West Bend, & Glendale.  You will not need to drive for an in-person consult; virtual options are also available.

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Brookfield or Waukesha with flexible payment plans, call Grieve Law's attorneys at (262) 786-7100 for a free case consultation. 

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Payment Plans for an Attorney: Brookfield area OWI & criminal defense cases

Don’t let the cost of quality representation stand in the way of defending yourself to the fullest.  Grieve Law understands that people don’t have a defense attorney savings fund.  It is very rare that an individual can pay the lump sum retainer, so we are very familiar with monthly payment plans. Our attorneys will work with you to find a monthly payment that works for your family’s budget.

No matter the charge, our Brookfield area attorneys make it possible for you to obtain an experienced and strategic legal team to represent you, no matter what the cost.  Having a good defense is the best way to attempt to get the charges reduced or even dropped. 

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Waukesha County Criminal Defense: Know the costs

In the Waukesha County area, the costs for a criminal defense attorney can vary for a number of factors. The total cost of a case can be a real concern for many people and any attorney you work with should be as forthcoming as possible about that cost. As attorneys, we have an obligation to represent your best interests at all times.  During a free consultation, ask on of our knowledgeable attorneys what the cost of your case out would. Our attorneys are always straightforward and honest about costs with you!

Will DUI attorneys take installment payments? 

Yes! Our attorneys will work with you in the free consultation to provide you with projected cost as well as an estimate of what your financing options may look like.  If you choose to proceed with our representation, we accept all forms of payment including, cash, credit, and checks.  Grieve Law will work with you to find a payment plan that works best for your budget.  Generous payment plans help ensure you have an award-winning defense attorney on your side at a price you can afford. 

Can I use monthly payment plans on any type of case?

Regardless of the crime charged, our attorneys will work to ensure a reasonable and affordable payment plan is fit for your case.  Our attorneys work with all financial situations to ensure you have your day in court with an experienced defense attorney by your side.

Grieve Law offers financing for all locations


Accepted type of payment?

We accept:

    • We accept Visa credit card payment
    • We accept Mastercard credit card payment
    • We accept American Express credit card payment
    • We accept Discover credit card payment
  • Personal Check
  • Cash
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money Order

Each case is unique and so are the fees associated with them. Grieve Law works with each client to come to a fair and reasonable payment plan that works for your unique situation. The cost of retaining an attorney with a proven history fails to compare to the cost of fighting the legal system alone. 

Over a lifetime, a first offense DUI conviction in Wisconsin can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Don’t save the money today which could wind up causing you more money and more of a headache down the road. Our award-winning team of defense attorneys will work with you to find the strongest defense possible in order to get you the best outcome for your case.


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