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Penalties involving LSD in Glendale, Wisconsin, can range from Class G or Class E felonies (which carry penalties of $25,000 to $50,000 in fines and/or 10-15 years in prison) to a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $5,000 and/or a year in jail for first-offense possession.

LSD Possession & your record How to beat LSD Possession Payment plans

If you are in possession of LSD and you are caught by police, a charge for first-time possession is a Class I felony in Wisconsin. A class I felony in Wisconsin carries maximum possible penalties of 3.5 years in prison, a maximum fine of $10,000, or both. The court could also choose to take away your driver’s license for a period of time or have you do mandatory drug treatment, which can cost thousands of dollars. Second and subsequent possession of hallucinogens comes with even harsher penalties still.

If you possessed LSD or other hallucinogens with the intent to sell them and got charged, you would be facing a Class F felony. Class F felonies come with maximum possible penalties of 12.5 years in prison, a fine of $25,000 or both. Additionally, just like normal possession, the court could take away your driving privileges or have you do a drug treatment court program that can cost thousands of dollars. When people are charged with possessing a drug with the intent to distribute it, police look at the whole situation and other evidence to make this determination. For example, if you were found with a large amount of LSD (more than for personal use) along with scales, baggies, large amounts of money, or a firearm, that police would probably make the conclusion that you were dealing the LSD instead of possessing a large amount for personal use.

LSD and Other Hallucinogenic Drugs

LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs that were popular back in the 70s and they are definitely coming back into regular use again in Wisconsin. Because of the statutory classification of these hallucinogens, there are very serious penalties that come with even just basic possession such as fines and even prison.


How long will an LSD possession charge stay on my record?

There are other lifelong penalties that can come with a conviction for an LSD charge. Because these are felony offenses, there are lifetime consequences such as a loss of the right to possess a firearm and you would be a felon. Currently in Wisconsin, there is not a way to regain your right to possess a firearm without having your record pardoned by a governor. You would also temporarily lose your right to vote as well as other civil rights. These charges would never come off of your record, even if they were expunged. Additionally, while a court entry for a criminal conviction may fall off of CCAP for a period of time, this does not mean it will fall off of your record.

How to beat a charge for LSD

What if the LSD did not belong to you? What if the police thought you were dealing it but you were not? First things first, you need to call our Northshore criminal defense attorneys at Grieve Law to start reviewing possible defenses with you. Maybe you had a large amount of LSD but that cash you had on you was because you just made a trip to the bank. Maybe the scale was in your kitchen because you are on a strict diet. Did the police obtain evidence of the LSD legally? Our attorneys can look and review whether your constitutional rights were intact throughout the entire interaction you had with police. Many times, uncovering LSD comes from a search of your person, your vehicle, or maybe even your home. Police have to have legal reasons to do this and if they didn’t, that evidence could be suppressed, and your charges could be reduced or even dismissed. Police also need to have a reason to stop you, to ask you questions, and to seize you without letting you leave. Violations of these basic constitutional rights could lead to your ultimate freedom. However, you will not know of any of these possibilities unless you have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. 

Grieve Law uses years of experience and legal knowledge to protect you. Tom Grieve is the same criminal defense attorney Brookfield, WI residents trust to handle their first offense DUI charges, drug possession charges, and other serious cases jeopardizing their rights and futures. When you don’t have an extensive understanding of the law, you could lose certain rights without ever knowing it.

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