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Lawyer Payment Plans (OWI/Drugs/Crime) Racine office (Near the Village Center Strip Mall)

Not everything in life goes to plan and often when you need the most help you have not been able to set money aside. We at Grieve Law know this and offer payment plans to help lessen the financial burden and allow you to continue to pay your other bills as, unfortunately, time does not stand still just because it feels like your world is crashing down.

We represent clients throughout Wisconsin, with offices in Milwaukee, Madison, Brookfield, Glendale, West Bend, Mequon, & Racine.  You will not need to drive for an in-person consult; virtual options are available.

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Glenn Gaskill

OWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

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Flexible, Affordable Attorney Payment Plans 

Racine-Kenosha Payment Plans for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Costs & Fees for Racine & Kenosha Counties

Independent of the charges you face, any criminal or traffic offense can come with a financial burden in the thousands of dollars. Considering a lawyer on top of those potential fees, along with your everyday bills, can be overwhelming to even consider.

Just like no two cases are alike, our representation costs depend on a number of factors. But no matter the case or the charges you are facing you will have the option of a payment plan with Grieve Law. Whether you are facing a marijuana ticket or felony level violence charges and anything in between, our lawyers will figure out a monthly payment plan that works best for you. We want to help lessen your burden, not make you feel like your charges have destroyed your life.

If you are up against a case and need a quality experienced lawyer to defend you, give our Racine-Kenosha office a call and we can discuss our payment plan options to find the best fit for you and your budget.


Grieve Law offers financing for all locations

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We accept:

    • We accept Visa credit card payment
    • We accept Mastercard credit card payment
    • We accept American Express credit card payment
    • We accept Discover credit card payment
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Legal fees will vary from case to case, Grieve Law ensures each client gets a fair deal and a payment plan that works for them. Our fees for defending your DUI, gun or felony charges are more affordable than the consequences of navigating the legal system alone.

One OWI conviction can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Don’t risk a cheap defense only to spend all that money later on court fees, fines, and increased insurance rates. Our criminal defense lawyers will create the strongest defense possible so your charges get reduced or dropped. Grieve Law Racine-Kenosha serves clients from Sturtevant, Caledonia, Waterford, Somers, Twin Lakes, Pleasant Prairie and throughout Wisconsin.


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Tom Grieve, the firm's managing attorney and founder, is a former state prosecutor and is not the only ex-prosecutor at the firm. We love hiring attorneys from both sides of the wall to bring as many perspectives to fight your case as aggressively as possible. The State of Wisconsin likes it when you choose the run-of-the-mill fee to plea™ lawyers who don't even know how to analyze and defend cases instead of experienced criminal attorneys:

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