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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

Strangulation Attorneys in Madison, WI

Felony Strangulation and Suffocation Laws in Wisconsin

Strangulation Attorneys in Madison, WIWisconsin law states that, “Whoever intentionally impedes the normal breathing or circulation of blood by applying pressure on the throat or neck or by blocking the nose or mouth of another person is guilty of a Class H felony.”

Criminal Penalties for Strangulation in Madison

Strangulation is a serious charge and usually falls under domestic violence, and is always a felony offense even if it is a first offense. If convicted of strangulation, you could face the following consequences:

  • Up to 6 years in prison
  • A $10,000 fine

If you have been previously convicted of strangulation or another violent crime, you can be charged with a Class g felony which increases the penalties to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

You are only guilty if you are convicted™

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Allow our criminal defense lawyers to protect you from a strangulation or suffocation conviction

Contact a Madison criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the legal issues surrounding a strangulation charge. We will work to create the most successful and strategic defense possible. Grieve Law domestic violence attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your case to extract every bit of information that will be beneficial to the outcome. 

Contact our Madison criminal defense lawyers today for a  free consultation and a powerful defense!
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