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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place Attorney in Madison

Madison and Dane County Criminal Defense Attorneys for Possession and Intent to Sell a Controlled SubstanceMaintaining a Drug Trafficking Place Attorney in Madison

What Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place in Wisconsin Means

There are two misdemeanor charges for keeping a drug house in Wisconsin. One is a place for using drugs and the other is a place used to manufacture, store or deliver those controlled substances. Both places are defined similarly:

  • The person kept or maintained a building or place
  • People used controlled substances in the place OR the place was used to manufacture, hold or deliver drugs
  • The defendant knew the place was being used this way

You are only guilty if you are convicted™

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Penalties for Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place

The maximum penalty for first offenses is 1 year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine. Although a one year jail sentence may not seem like a lot, these charges are commonly combine with others like possession and intent to distribute, which can lead to more severe penalties.

Penalties also vary depending on the type of substance and amount. For example, the following chart lays out the penalties involving marijuana:

Quantity of Marijuana Maximum Jail Time Maximum Fine
Up to 200g (4 or fewer plants) 3.5 years $10,000
200-1000g (4-20 plants) 6 years $10,000
1000-2500g (20-50 plants) 10 years $25,000
2500-10,000g (50-200 plants) 12 years $25,000
10,000+g (200+ plants) 15 years $50,000

Criminal Defense for Madison Drug Possession Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges

One of the best defenses for trafficking charges is to challenge the evidence that police got from the search and seizure. Police must have probably cause before they can search you, your vehicle, your home or anywhere else. If our Madison drug possession lawyers can prove they did not have probably cause, any evidence found must be thrown out.

If you’ve been caught with drugs call our firm immediately for a free consultation. Don’t let time destroy vital evidence for your case. We will examine your unique situation and discuss the options you have. You are only guilty if you are convicted.

Contact our Madison Madison Drug Defense Lawyers to get your drug possession or intent to distribute charges reduced or dropped entirely
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