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Disarming a Peace Officer Per Wisconsin Statute §941.21

Disarming a police officer in Wisconsin could lead to a $10,000 fine, up to 6 years in prison or both, according to Class H felony penalties outlined by Wisconsin state statute.

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You Are Guilty Only If Convicted

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Summary of Wisconsin Statute 941.21: Disarming A Peace Officer

Intentionally disarming a police officer by taking a dangerous weapon or device from him or her without consent is a Class H felony in Wisconsin, punishable by a fine up to $10,000 and a prison term up to six years. This applies to any dangerous weapon, device or container an officer is carrying or within an officer’s immediate vicinity.


In Wisconsin, how long does a disarming a peace officer charge stay on your record?

Disarming a peace officer in Wisconsin, even if a conviction doesn�t lead to a $10,000 fine or 6 years in prison, is a charge that will typically remain on your record for life in Wisconsin.

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