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Carrying Firearms in Public Building What's the law in Wisconsin?

If convicted of carrying a firearm in a public building, a Wisconsin gun owner could face a maximum jail term of nine months and/or a fine of no more than $10,000. Community service and probation could be possible as well.

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Criminal Defense Attorney for 941.235: Carrying a Firearm in a Public Building

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If you were pulled over for drunk driving and were in possession of a firearm, serious consequences may arise. You need a DUI offense lawyer with knowledge of firearms to win your case.

Tom Grieve is an experienced gun attorney and zealous 2nd amendment advocate with offices in Madison & Milwaukee. He helps Wisconsin gun owners with:

NFA Gun Trusts Intoxicated Possession of a Firearm

If you were pulled over for drunk driving and were in possession of a firearm, serious consequences may arise. 

Overview of Wisconsin Statute 941.235: Carrying firearm in public building.

In Wisconsin, it is a Class A misdemeanor to carry a firearm with you into any building owned or leased by the state or any political subdivision of the state unless you are:

  • A police officer, a member of the armed forces or are authorized by the chief of police or sheriff of any county to possess a firearm in any public building.
  • A qualified out-of-state law enforcement officer
  • A former law enforcement officer
  • A holder of a concealed carry license


In Wisconsin, how long does a Carrying a Concealed Gun to a Public Building charge stay on your record?

Carrying a concealed weapon in a public building in Wisconsin could lead to a $10,000 fine, and even if those penalties aren�t applied, the charges could remain on your record for life.