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Illinois Resident Got a DUI in Wisconsin

An Illinois driver got an OWI in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She faced much worse consequences than she would for a DUI in her own state, including fines, mandatory counseling, a criminal record, and OWI license suspension in Wisconsin for 6 to 9 months--penalties that only apply in Wisconsin. Illinois would also punish her for the Wisconsin conviction as if it were her second or third offense OWI and could revoke her license for one year to life. Fortunately, this Illinois resident knew to call a Wisconsin lawyer for help.

Tom Grieve, the DUI lawyer Wisconsin trusts for reduced and dropped drunk driving charges, understands the complex laws regarding interstate drunk driving arrests. He works with exceptional Illinois DUI attorneys to build strong defenses and reduce DUI penalties in both states. Learn more about DUI penalties in WI.

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You Are Not Guilty Until Proven Guilty

The consequences of an out-of-state DUI depend on the driver’s state of residence and the state where the DUI occurred. Many states use a system called the Interstate Compact to share national information about convictions. This means that if you’re pulled over in one of these states, your home state police will be notified.

Wisconsin is NOT a compact state, so Illinois is not required to get notification from Wisconsin of the conviction. However, your home state always has the ability to penalize you for an out-of-state DUI and may take away your license. The state where you got the DUI may punish you with fines or jail time, or even revoke your driving privileges in that state, but they cannot take your license because they did not issue it.

If you are a Wisconsin resident with an out-of-state DUI, contact a lawyer in the state where the crime occurred as well as our experienced Wisconsin DUI attorneys to minimize the penalties.

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