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Possession of LSD in Mequon, WI is a Class I felony. It carries a maximum sentence of 3.5 years, a fine of $10,000 or both. LSD possession with intent to sell warrants a maximum 12.5 years of prison time, a $25,000 fine or both.

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Penalties for Possession of LSD in Mequon, WI

If you’re caught with LSD possession in Mequon, you will be subject to fines, jail time, property forfeiture, probation, federal college loan disqualification and other charges.


LSD Possession

LSD Possession + Intent to Sell

Felony Type Class I Class F
Maximum Prison Time 3.5 years 12.5 years
Maximum Fine $10,000 $25,000
Possible Loss of Drivers License Yes Yes
Mandatory Drug Treatment Program Required Required
Minimum Program Fee $5,000) $5,000

What to do if you’re caught with LSD in Mequon

Lawyer-up immediately, it will be challenging to prove your innocence on your own. Grieve Law has helped hundreds of clients escape serious charges like intent to distribute, drug possession and more.

What if the LSD wasn’t mine?

If LSD was found during a car search, you’re in a difficult position even if the drugs weren’t yours. The first thing you’ll want to do is call Grieve Law so we can start building a case to clear your name from the incident. Write down as many details as possible:

  1. To whom does the LSD belong? Do you know the person?
  2. How did the LSD get in your car?
  3. Did you lend your car to anyone recently?
  4. Do you believe someone hid LSD in your car?

Free Lawyer Consultations for LSD Possession

If you’ve been charged with LSD possession in Mequon, don’t wait to hire an attorney. Grieve law has experienced possession attorneys and we’ll work to drop or significantly reduce your possession charges. Grieve Law offers free consultations for Mequon residents charged with LSD possession.

Contact our Mequon attorneys now to set up your free legal consultation if you’re facing possession of LSD charges.

LSD Possession Charges Stay on Your Record

Criminal convictions stay on someone’s record for their entire life. Absent an expungement or Governor’s pardon, the conviction will remain on your record forever. What can you do? Hire a LSD possession attorney and fight the charge. You are only guilty if you are convicted™

Expunction Eligibility for Possession of LSD

If you are convicted of possession with intent to deliver LSD, you are not eligible for expunction. For any other possession of LSD charges, a conviction will be on your record permanently. An expunction does not remove the conviction from your record but removes the charge from public view. The best course of action is to avoid the conviction in the first place by hiring an LSD possession attorney.

How to Beat LSD Possession Penalties in Mequon

Grieve LSD possession attorneys examine the entire case, including the police officer’s conduct. Police officers are responsible for the legality of the stop, the search and statements made by the person arrested. A good criminal defense attorney will identify any flaws in the proceedings to have the case reduced or even dismissed. You’ll need a strong defense to look into possible legal issues surrounding the case and strong representation for a minimized outcome.

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