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Wisconsin OWI: pulled over for no reason? This case got dropped, yours could too!

Case dismissed! Who knew that George Webb would be closed in the wee hours of the morning? Not many people. In an OWI 2nd case that took place in Waukesha County, Attorney Julia Westley successfully argued that her client was illegally stopped by police outside of a George Webb restaurant, and therefore any evidence following that stop should be dismissed. Following that hearing and the subsequent evidence being suppressed, the State of Wisconsin dismissed his case altogether. In this instanc…

Federal ATF Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Enforces Federal Gun Laws The ATF is a Federal Bureau in the Department of Justice formed in 2003 to protect the public against a wide array of illegal activities by enforcing laws prohibiting the use of weapons such as firearms and explosives, and illegal trafficking of tobacco and alcohol. The ATF’s range of responsibilities cast a broad brush across many different kinds of illegal activities, including: The use of bombs and …

Reducing Charges for Keeping a Drug House in Wisconsin

Don't trust your life to some general practice lawyer. DUI’s and criminal cases are not something that we do: they are basically everything that we do! Free no obligation consult with our team of award winning former state prosecutors for honest answers is just a call away.         Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorneys for Possession and Intent to Sell a Controlled Substance In Wisconsin, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell is a felony. I…

Wisconsin Drugged Driving Lawyer

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer Charges Reduced for DUI while High Like many other Wisconsin residents, this Milwaukee OWI client didn’t realize he could get a OWI for driving while he was high. Wisconsin drunk driving laws define intoxication as a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher OR being under the influence of ANY drugs or intoxicants. This client thought the marijuana had worn off enough and he was fine to drive, but there was a small amount of marijuana was found in his syste…

Milwaukee Out-of-State DUI Lawyer

Illinois Resident Got a DUI in Wisconsin An Illinois driver got an OWI in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She faced much worse consequences than she would for a DUI in her own state, including fines, mandatory counseling, a criminal record, and license suspension for 6 to 9 months--penalties that only apply in Wisconsin. Illinois would also punish her for the Wisconsin conviction as if it were her second or third offense and could revoke her license for one year to life. Fortunately, this Illinois resi…

Waukesha Drug Charges Attorney

I had Tom Grieve when I had my possession of THC w/ intent (200-1000 g) after my apartment got raided and I got just two years probation and the possibility for expungement. He's representing me again now for my possession case from Winter Warmer, and he's doing a great job again; got me off my PO hold in time to keep my job and is talking the prosecutor down from the two felonies I was charged with to misdemeanors and probation. He's a cool guy too! People Are Innocent Until They Are Convicte…

Drug Charges Defense Attorney Milwaukee

Milwaukee Drug Possession Attorney Gets Felony Drug Charges DROPPED to Probation with Community Service. My client was subject to a high threat drug sting by a Milwaukee SWAT team that entered his apartment on a warrant and caught him with over a pound of marijuana, along with other drugs, multiple scales, and paraphernalia. He was immediately charged with multiple felonies for dealing drugs. The police learned about him after a confidential informant had allegedly purchased narcotics from my c…

Counterfeiting Charge Attorney - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Felony Counterfeiting Charges DISMISSED. My client awoke to a police team knocking on his door to search his Milwaukee house. They seized all of his electronics, including all computers, printers, and his cell phone. He was told he was under investigation for counterfeiting U.S. currency and was told to go speak with the district attorney. This is when he contacted our Milwaukee criminal defense law firm. You Are Guilty Only If Convicted When I m…

Wisconsin Gun Attorneys

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Road Rage Gun Charges DROPPED. This case started out being covered in the media as a road rage case where one man pulled a gun on another after someone got cut off. Both drivers told the police very different stories about what happened. The police decided to arrest my client and he was subsequently charged with a crime of intentionally pointing a gun at another individual. Needless to say, his world was turned upside down. He had called the police belie…

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