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fraudulent tapping of meters, Wisconsin laws on electrical, gas, or water meter tapping

If you intentionally defraud a utility company in Wisconsin through fraudulent tapping of electric wires, gas meters or water pipes, you could face misdemeanor penalties of up to a $500 fine, 30 days in prison, or both, if convicted. If facing such charges, working with a defense attorney could improve your outlook.

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Overview of Wisconsin Statute 941.36: Fraudulent Tapping Of Electric Wires Or Gas Or Water Meters Or Pipes

In Wisconsin, it is a Class C misdemeanor to tap electric wires, gas meters, or water pipes with the intent to defraud a utility company. The statute specifies that it is illegal to:

  • Connect or cause to be connected by wire or any other device with the wire, cables, or conductors of any utility provider.
  • Connect or disconnect or interfere in any way with the meters, pipes, or conduits of the provider.

Any evidence of interference with meters, pipes, conduits, or connections is presumptive evidence that the person getting electricity, gas, or water from those conveyances interfered with them in an attempt to defraud the provider.

In Wisconsin, how long does a fraudulent tapping of utilities charge stay on your record?

Fraudulently tapping into electric, gas or water utilities could lead to a $500 fine, up to 30 days in prison and a permanent listing on your Wisconsin record if convicted.

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