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Wisconsin Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

The Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers the Milwaukee-Area Relies on for Dropping or Reducing Charges

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer WaukeshaDomestic violence charges in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin carry severe consequences for those accused. When cops are called for domestic violence they will often find ways to bundle other charges like drug charges in Milwaukee, sexual assault charges, Wisconsin False Imprisonment Charges, Racine misdemeanor battery charges or Wisconsin firearms charges.

How to Beat a Domestic Violence Charge in Wisconsin 

The law currently states that if you are convicted of a criminal charge that included acts of domestic violence, even if the charge does not include the domestic violence enhancers, you are prohibited from owning a firearm.  That leaves you with two primary questions, namely what constitutes making a situation domestic? And what amounts to violence? Beating a domestic violence charge in Wisconsin often hinges on disproving one of those two elements.

The domestic portion of domestic violence has a clearer picture formed.  Namely, for the purposes of domestic violence, it includes any person you have ever lived with.  So it is anyone that you are currently living with whether that be significant other, parent, child, roommate, or anyone else you are cohabitating with.  It also means anyone that you have previously lived with, so any past relationships where the two of you lived together, your parents that you haven’t lived with for 10 years, or perhaps a former friend.  The list includes any and everyone who you have previously shared a residence with.

Dropping a frivolous charge in Wisconsin by disproving Violence

It may seem counterintuitive, but the violence aspect is really where the situation becomes more gray.  It is fairly straightforward that any sort of unwanted physical contact that leads to criminal charges constitutes violence for the purpose of this situation.  However, also included are the threats of violence and making someone fear for their wellbeing based on your actions, which then includes both direct threats and perceived threats.  Damaging property is also included under the violence umbrella for the purposes of this discussion. 

Perhaps you break something, that is not yours, out of frustration or anger, while it may not be specifically threatening it is deemed as an act of violence.  Meaning that if the police are involved and there is a current or former cohabitant as a part of the argument, your ability to possess a firearm is in jeopardy if you are charged criminally.

Domestic violence charges in Wisconsin can negatively affect your life both personally and professionally. When you or someone you know is facing domestic violence charges in Wisconsin, speaking with our Waukesha criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible is critical. Sometimes mounting a defense can take time; your court date could be a limiting factor

Grieve Law LLC’s lawyers have a proven record of winning defenses for Wisconsin domestic violence cases. From the moment you receive your free legal advice consultation, our domestic violence defense lawyers actively listen to the specifics of your case, inform you of your options and explain what you can expect going forward.

When facing domestic charges in Milwaukee or anywhere in Wisconsin you can’t afford to compromise your freedom on cheap criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin; you need the Milwaukee domestic violence attorneys with a reputation for winning.

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The Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys Milwaukee Trusts to Expertly Navigate the Law

Grieve Law LLC is well versed in law enforcement tactics and defenses against fabricated or exaggerated charges, giving us a unique ability to argue your case successfully. Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers know the ins and outs of the law and the best way to apply it to your benefit.

Domestic assault charges in Wisconsin are taken very seriously and your defense has a great effect on your life. Saving your reputation from false domestic assault charges derived from misunderstandings or fabrication depends on who you choose to defend you.

When you or someone you know is facing domestic violence charges in Wisconsin, get the criminal defense attorneys Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin trusts to tenaciously defend and protect your reputation and secure your freedom.

Arrest for Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin

Police must arrest a person accused of domestic violence if the responding officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person committed domestic abuse against a spouse or former spouse; someone they live with or used to live with; or a person they’ve had children with, AND:

  • The officer believes the person is likely to continue the abuse
  • There is evidence a victim was physically injured
  • OR the person is a predominant aggressor (the abuser in the relationship)

In Wisconsin, domestic abuse is committed when:

  • The person committed sexual assault
  • The person caused injury or inflicted pain
  • The person committed a physical act causing the victim to fear sexual assault, injury, or pain

After a domestic abuse arrest, the person can’t be released until seen by a judge or having bail posted. Unless a written waiver is signed by the victim, a person arrested for domestic violence must refrain from contacting the victim or showing up at their place of residence for 72 hours after the arrest, or they will be charged with violating the no contact requirement.

Penalties for violating a temporary restraining order or no contact requirement include up to 9 months in jail, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

Penalties for Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin

Penalties for domestic violence charges pertain the degree of criminal battery charges you are facing.

Misdemeanor battery charges carry the following penalties:

  • Up to 9 months in jail
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • an additional Domestic Violence fee of $100
  • Increased jail sentence (up to 6 additional months) for using or threatening to use a weapon
  • Community service
  • Probation

The LEAST SEVERE felony battery charges are punishable by up to 6 years in prison. The MOST SEVERE felony battery charges are punishable by up to 15 years in prison, plus fines.

There are many other circumstances the prosecution can exploit to add additional charges to your domestic violence arrest. If you’re facing domestic battery charges in Wisconsin, contact Grieve Law NOW for a free consultation.

 You are innocent until you are convicted™

Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorneys Produce World Class Domestic Violence Defenses

Waukesha Domestic Violence Defense AttorneyWhen you’re facing domestic assault charges in Wisconsin, it’s vital you get a top rated Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer.

Often, domestic violence charges in Wisconsin are the result one of two circumstances; either the plaintiff fabricated or exaggerated the story as a means of revenge, anger or resentment, or physical contact was the result of your own personal self-defense.

Police investigations typically involve tactics which manipulate or confuse upset defendants into admitting to physical contact, which is often taken as an omission of guilt. The first task in your assault charge defense is attaining a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney with a proven record of powerful, winning defenses.

Contact our Milwaukee domestic assault defense lawyers today for a FREE legal advice consultation and a top-rated defense!
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