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Domestic Violence Attorney Milwaukee

Best Domestic Violence Lawyer Milwaukee

Tom Grieve is the domestic violence attorney Milwaukee men and women trust to get charges dropped or reduced in the case of false or exaggerated accusations of domestic violence, domestic abuse, domestic battery, disorderly conduct or criminal damage to property. Unfortunately, these types of allegations occur more often than one might think. Individuals often claim domestic violence charges in cases of child custody disputes, property settlement disputes, to get out of an unhappy relationship or to seek vengeance for an unrelated issue. 

Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorney knows how severe the tangible and intangible consequences can be when you’re facing domestic violence charges. Often, those charged with domestic violence in Milwaukee (or domestic violence related charges) face jail time, steep fines ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, probation and a restraining order (or protective order).

Aside from direct legal ramifications, there’s a potential loss of your job, children and your reputation. In Wisconsin, domestic violence charges are nothing to take lightly. If you or a loved one are facing domestic violence charges, you need a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney who is experienced in domestic violence defense.

We most certainly do not condone domestic violence, domestic battery, domestic abuse or other related offenses. However, we do understand these types of charges can happen, even though unwarranted. It’s at this time you need a compassionate Milwaukee domestic violence attorney who excels in these types of cases. Tom Grieve is an award-winning Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer who has served as a prosecutor and defender for the State of Wisconsin. As both a former prosecutor and current defender, Tom has a nuanced understanding of the Wisconsin domestic violence laws and loopholes. Tom is well known and respected for his ability to get charges like these reduced or dropped entirely.

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