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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

1st Offense Drunk Driving Penalties in Wisconsin

Penalties for Your 1st Offense OWI in Wisconsin

1st Offense OWI Penalties WIApril 26, 2018 - Your first DUI in Wisconsin is a civil rather than criminal offense. It has several penalties based on the circumstances when you were pulled over:

  • $150-$300 in fines $435 ‘driver improvement’ surcharge
  • 6-9 months driver’s license revocation
  • .02% blood alcohol limit with occupational license
  • Drug and alcohol assessment and traffic safety course
  • Increased cost of auto insurance and SR22 insurance verification

In addition, you will be required to install (and pay for) an ignition interlock device in your vehicle if your BAC was .15 or higher.

Find out: What is the difference between a DUI and a OWI?

 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

If you had a minor under the age of 16 in your vehicle at the time you were pulled over, the penalties increase:

  • $350-$1100 in fines
  • $435 ‘driver improvement’ surcharge
  • Up to 18 months driver’s license revocation
  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • 12-18 months with a required ignition interlock device in your vehicle

In Wisconsin, DUI penalties apply even if your BAC was below the legal limit. The court is only concerned with whether your ability to operate the vehicle was impaired.

7 Surprisingly Painful Truths about your First Offense OWI in Wisconsin

  1. The penalties for your first offense OWI in Wisconsin are more than just a ticket.
  2. There are costs of conviction for your 1st offense DUI beyond the fine.
  3. You could go to jail.
  4. You CAN lose your job.
  5. The truth about .08.
  6. You can get an OWI for marijuana.
  7. You can lose your license for 10 days after your ticket.

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The Cop Will Say, “It’s Just a Ticket, There’s Not Much You Can Do.” Don’t Listen!

Tactics an experienced DUI lawyer can use to get your charges reduced or dropped:

Your traffic stop was illegal – If you were stopped without due cause, you have grounds to fight your OWI charge. A good lawyer can call into question the arresting officer’s motivations. If there was no legitimate reason for pulling you over in the first place, the officer made an illegal stop.

Time of Test for BAC – Your BAC actually goes up after you stop drinking as the alcohol makes its way into your bloodstream. Grieve Law has successfully leveraged this technique to calculate that our client was not in fact over a threshold while driving. The client would’ve been home in time if not for being pulled over!

Improper Field Sobriety Test – The state of Wisconsin has strict standards for field sobriety tests. If the equipment wasn’t properly calibrated or the procedures were not completely followed and accurately evaluated, you have a case for fighting your DUI charges.

Your case is unique, but a cop won't tell you that. An experienced DUI attorney will review your charges and determine the best defense for your case.

7 Surprisingly Painful Truths About your First Offense OWI

First OWI Charge? You DO Need a Lawyer

Your first OWI conviction has severe consequences and puts you at risk of losing your license, or your job. An experienced DUI attorney may be able to reduce your fines or even get the charge completely dismissed. The drunk driving lawyers at Grieve Law fight to defend your case and stand up for your rights.

Know your rights and prepare to fight. Get an insider’s understanding with a FREE initial OWI consultation.
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