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My wife got an OWI (Wisconsin) What should I do?

Keeping your family safe is your top priority, which means helping your spouse or wife through difficult, scary events. If your wife was arrested for OWI, seeking legal help could go a long way to keeping her as safe as possible and minimizing the consequences as much as possible.

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When your wife calls from jail to tell you she’s been arrested for first offense drunk driving, it’s just the beginning of a long series of problems for your family. Whether this has happened before or it’s completely unexpected, the consequences start piling up. Your wife could have her license revoked or suspended, spend some time in jail, and lose her job. She’ll owe a variety of fines and fees. Plus explaining everything to your kids, relatives, and friends will be humiliating.

Other sentencing items following your wife’s DUI conviction include:

  • SR-22 insurance verification (when she is eligible to drive again)
  • Installing an Ignition Interlock Device (depending on her BAC)
  • Probation requirements including alcohol assessment and random testing

You may be feeling frustrated, disappointed, and worried about what to do next.

Wife got an OWI in Wisconsin


That’s where Grieve Law comes in.

Our drunk driving defense lawyers offer free initial consultations to discuss the best options for damage control. We have years of experience getting OWI charges reduced or dropped and extensive knowledge of Wisconsin drunk driving laws. Whether she’s a repeat offender or this is her first arrest, we fight to get her the minimum fines and other penalties and shortest amount of time in jail possible.

You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

We’ll get you through all the legal stuff in one piece. How you start to rebuild at home is up to you.

Contact our Milwaukee OWI attorneys to schedule a free consultation for your wife.



In Wisconsin, how long does an OWI charge stay on my wife's record?

If your wife is charged with an OWI in Wisconsin, the charge could remain on her record for life, and if convicted, she could face fines reaching $1,000.

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