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Are OWI records public in Wisconsin? Anyone can CCAP you.

Criminal records in Wisconsin are open to the public, including OWI convictions. Other court records are also public, such as divorces and evictions. In specific cases, it may be possible to get it expunged to hopefully make the impacted person and their family sleep easier.

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Wisconsin OWI Records and Background Checks

Wisconsin first offense OWI and all other OWI records are publicly available for everyone to see, including family members and potential employers. Wisconsin's CCAP is a free online resource containing such data that many hiring managers access in their vetting process. Employers are only allowed to consider certain charges in making their hiring decisions. 

If you are concerned because a loved one might be on the hook for a 1st offense DUI charge, Grieve Law might be able to help. Contact us if you're worried about your:

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Are OWI records public in WisconsinDoes an OWI show up on a background check? Yes, DUI convictions appear in background checks and if you only have a first offense DWI and the employer does not perform a thorough background check, it is possible they will not see it. However, if you are dishonest about it and they find out after hiring you, you could lose your job.

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DUI Expungement

It is possible to get your DUI sealed in certain rare cases. If you were under 25 at the time of the offense and meet other criteria, the court may grant your request to have your past DUI expunged from your record. Expungement means the offense is removed from public record and will no longer appear in background checks run by employers, schools, or others.

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In Wisconsin, how long does an OWI stay on my family member's record?

Because Wisconsin records are open to the public, a 1st offense OWI, 2nd and 3rd could remain on your family member's record for life.

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