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Wisconsin Voting Rights for Convicted Felons You matter, your vote matters

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Wisconsin is one of the few states where your voting rights can be restored.

Voting regulations for convicted felons are determined on a state by state basis. Wisconsin is one of 19 states which eventually allowed convicted felons to restore their voting rights. In order to do so, the individual must have fully completed every aspect of their sentence.

Re-register to Vote after Completing Your Sentence

The completion of a sentence includes being off of any type of supervision with the Department of Corrections. This includes extended supervision, probation, or parole. A more common terminology of completion is to be “off papers.” Once any term of sentence is completed, you must re-register to vote in order to restore your voting rights.

If you are in jail awaiting trial on a felony or in jail serving time on a misdemeanor, you are eligible to vote. Due to being incarcerated, the voting process will usually be done by absentee ballot. An absentee ballot can be requested by mail, email, or fax. If you are exercising your right to vote while in jail, you must utilize the address where you previously lived prior to being incarcerated.

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