Lawyer Payment Plans for Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin

Legal defense is not something most people are financially prepared for. At Grieve Law, our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys GET IT. Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys know it’s not always possible to pay all at once, which is why we offer convenient, flexible payment plans, plus FREE lawyer consultations for initial case review.

Whether you or a loved one was recently arrested for a DUI, drug charges, weapons charges, or was falsely accused of sexual assault or domestic violence, we make it possible to afford experienced criminal defense.

When you’re facing life-changing charges,  you might be tempted to make your attorney decision based on what is cheapest. Affordable representation is important. It’s also important to choose an attorney experienced in more than plea deals. When it is prudent to your case, trial preparation is critical to keeping you out of jail. Get award-winning criminal defense attorneys with a reputation for winning.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Costs and Fees in Wisconsin

In the Milwaukee metro and smaller markets, there are differing criminal defense lawyer price points. How much your case is likely to run is a conversation criminal defense lawyers should not shy away from. A good attorney has an obligation to represent the client's interests at all times. In your free initial consultation, ask about what kind of fees and costs your case is going to cost. We'll let you know.

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Do DUI Lawyers Take Payments?

Our drunk driving defense attorneys provide free initial consultations and take all standard forms of payment, such as credit card, debit card, and personal checks. Our experienced DUI lawyers work out a payment arrangement to fit your budget. Our reasonable payment plan options allow anyone to afford a strong legal defense, no matter your income.

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What about Drugs and Other Offenses?

If you’ve been accused by the Wisconsin justice system of drug or paraphernalia possession, domestic violence, distribution of a controlled substance, or any other criminal offense we will be more than happy to work out an affordable payment plan. We’ll work with you directly to set up a payment option that fits with your financial needs, and our criminal lawyers will build the best legal defenses in the Milwaukee area. No matter what your income level, our team of criminal attorneys will make sure your felony or misdemeanor case gets its day in a Wisconsin courtroom.

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What about Credit Cards?

Although legal fees may vary from case to case, you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal. Our fees for defending a DUI, drug charges, guns and weapons cases, or other misdemeanors and felonies are much more affordable than the lasting repercussions of going to trial without a strong defense. Just one DUI charge can cost you $20,000 to $40,000 over the course of your life due to court fees, fines, and dramatically increased insurance rates. More severe charges carry much more extreme penalties. Don’t take that risk. Instead, give us a call at our Milwaukee law office and schedule a free consultation. We’ll discuss the details of your case, the results you can expect, and your payment plan options. Our DUI lawyers help you build the strongest defense possible to get your charges reduced or dropped.

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