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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

Reviews of Grieve Law's Case-Winning Attorneys

Testimonials from our Criminal Defense Clients

Lawyers MilwaukeeOur Waukesha criminal defense lawyers are not only recognized for their ability to get charges dropped or reduced, they’re also renowned for their exceptional ability to communicate with clients. From those seeking a DUI defense lawyer in Milwaukee to clients seeking a Wisconsin drug defense attorney, our Waukesha criminal defense attorneys are experienced at strategizing defenses and negotiations. We’re understanding of our clients’ situations and provide open and honest legal advice to ensure you fully understand your rights and your legal options.

It’s one thing to be recognized among the nation’s top accredited lawyer review organizations, it’s another to hear what real clients have to say about their experiences with Grieve Law. With  comments like: “the right connections and impressive negotiation skills” and “thank you for doing such a great job winning my case,” it’s no wonder Grieve Law LLC is the criminal defense law firm for so many in the Milwaukee area. Read below and see what people are saying about Grieve Law.

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Case Dismissed and Charges Dropped

I was charged with a few criminal offenses and didn't know what to do. I was distraught and thought that my mistakes would control my future. My first lawyer said I'd be lucky if the prosecutor would be willing to reduce the charges. I then hired Grieve Law and not only got the charges reduced to non-criminal tickets but then they kept fighting until most of those even disappeared. Grieve Law changed my life through exceptional knowledge of the law and dedicated attention to my case. I am gratef…

Criminal Charges Reduced for Wisconsin Resident

I was worried about how my life would be if I was convicted of the criminal charges I had received. A lawyer had told me the district attorney was unwilling to negotiate and I was ready to accept the charges. It was then that I discovered Grieve Law and they were able to get my charges reduced to noncriminal civil violations, they were able to get some charges dropped because of their exceptional knowledge and skills. Thank goodness I had Grieve Law when I did, otherwise I would have accepted a …

OWI Case Settled

I am very grateful I chose Grieve Law to represent me in my OWI case. I had a great experience with this law firm from the beginning to the end. Tom Grieve was very honest and up front with me in the initial consultation and provided immediate assistance in getting things going. Attorney Ritter was exceptional in his defense of my case and maintained a professional level of care throughout my case. I was very happy with the level of attention and that Attorney Ritter was available and willing to…

Felony Dropped in Brookfield

I would definitely recommend my attorney Glenn. I had a clean record, so I was devastated last year when suddenly I was facing a felony. If I hadn't attained a lawyer, & just decided to plead guilty, then I would have done around fifteen days in jail, had a year of probation, & a felony on my record forever. I was panicky about this, but my attorney always put my mind at ease on the phone, & helped me to make the wise decision of waiting out a few court dates for an even better offer…

Review of Knowledgeable Lawyer Milwaukee

Tom is very knowledgeable well experienced no BS lawyer. Tom does not sugar coat or provide false promises. Tom outlines all possible scenarios that may happen to properly prepare you for what lies ahead. - Patrick N. You are only a criminal if found guilty. Contact the criminal defense lawyer Milwaukee trusts and schedule a free consultation.

Felony Charges Reduced to Misdemeanor

I had Tom Grieve when I had my possession of THC w/ intent (200-1000 g) after my apartment got raided and I got just two years probation and the possibility for expungement. He's representing me again now for my possession case from Winter Warmer, and he's doing a great job again; got me off my PO hold in time to keep my job and is talking the prosecutor down from the two felonies I was charged with to misdemeanors and probation. He's a cool guy too! A Person Is Not A Criminal If They Are Arre…

Client Satisfied with Results in Menomonee Falls

Tom came with rave reviews from many of the people I deal with in my line of business, and his knowledge and tenaciousness as a lawyer certainly came through and proved to be vital in my case. I could not have been happier with the results and would use Tom in the future. –Steve P. People Are Only Accused If Charged With a Crime Contact the criminal defense attorney Menomonee Falls trusts for the best results.

Milwaukee Defense Attorney Goes Above and Beyond

Tom appeared to truly care about my case when I met with him, which is one of the reasons I hired him. The outcome of my case proved that this was true, as Tom went above and beyond to legally protect me. I have hired other lawyers before who would tell me there is nothing they can do, “This is a good deal. Take it." That never sat well with me. Tom explained how I had a few options, and he took the time to explain the pros and cons of each, as well as the probability of a desirable outcom…

Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer with Unbeatable Experience

Tom is easy to work with, he stayed late to accommodate my schedule. Tom reviewed every single word in every document we had to deal with. He made sure I understood every detail. Tom seemed very knowledgeable on existing laws and also follows potential legislative law changes. I liked Tom’s open personality, straight talk and energy/motivation. I very much liked how easy it was to find Tom’s offices which are right off of I-94 & Pewaukee Rd; very simple. Last, but not least, as …

Review from Waukesha Criminal Defense Case

Tom was incredibly efficient. Once I gave him the details of my case he put together a few different directions to pursue. He discussed the pros and cons of each and after we picked one he handled every aspect from start to finish. He is hard-working, honest, and very reliable. I would highly recommend him. People Are Only Accused If Charged With a Crime Contact the criminal defense lawyer Waukesha trusts and schedule a free consultation.

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