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Record for Most DUIs by One Person in Wisconsin

Record Holder’s Outrageous OWI Tally Due to Lax 1990s Drunk Driving Laws

Mark Allen Warner of River Falls, Wisconsin holds what is likely to remain an unbroken record for the greatest number of DUIs in the state. He racked up a total of 15 drunk driving convictions before the age of 40, mainly in the 1990s.

Warner was well-known to the police and sometimes pulled over as often as every other month, but managed to avoid significant jail time and effective alcohol treatment due to the much weaker drunk driving laws and penalties in Wisconsin twenty years ago.

15 OWIs

Mark Allen Warner, River Hills, 1990s.
This record is unlikely to be broken due to a legislative crackdown in the early 2000s.

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Most DUIs Person Wisconsin

In fact, he was never sentenced to prison time until the year 2000.

Prior to 1999, Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws classified all repeat DUI offenses as misdemeanors, as long as no-one was killed or seriously injured. So even after more than a dozen OWIs, a judge could only sentence Warner to a maximum of one year in jail.

In 1999, Wisconsin law changed and made a 5th DUI offense a felony.  By 2000, Warner had also picked up two DUI offenses in Idaho and one in Arizona. He returned to Wisconsin and—shockingly—was again arrested for drunk driving. But this time, his 13th OWI offense in Wisconsin (fifteenth overall) was charged as a felony. He was finally sentenced to three years in prison (including an alcohol treatment program) followed by four and a half years of supervision.

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Wisconsin Has New Drunk Driving Laws in 2017

January 1st, 2017 a new state OWI law took effect, making a 4th DUI offense in Wisconsin an automatic felony charge. 

Wisconsin’s new, tougher drunk driving laws bring harsher penalties for most multiple OWI offenders. The experienced DUI defense lawyers at Grieve Law use powerful drunk driving defense strategies and have a track record of getting OWI charges reduced or dropped for clients.

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Whether it’s your first OWI in Wisconsin or you’re facing harsh penalties after a repeat drunk driving offense, you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side. Grieve Law is the drunk driving law firm Milwaukee turns to for help protecting driving privileges. You don’t have to fight your drunk driving charges alone—Grieve’s DUI lawyers can help you build the strongest possible defense.

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