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How Much Does an OWI Raise Your Insurance in Wisconsin?

If You are Convicted of an OWI, Insurance Companies Will Consider You to be a High-Risk Driver.

Insurance Rates after Wisconsin OWIYour insurance rates may double and/or increase by several thousand dollars per year if you are convicted of an OWI. Alternatively, your provider may decide to cancel your policy. They assume that you now have a higher than normal chance of being involved in a serious car accident. Even if you have never had a collision before, it only takes one DUI on your record to make you a very undesirable prospect to insurance companies.

The factors that cause your rates to increase differ between providers. Some insurance companies look further back in your records than others. Some will cancel your policy if you are convicted of one DUI, others will cancel after your second. Your provider may normally just raise your rates, but may include a stipulation that they will cancel your policy entirely if your DUI included property damage. Always read your policy carefully and do your research when selecting an auto insurance provider.

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The OWI Attorneys at Grieve Law Can Help You Clear Your Driving Record

Auto insurance can be expensive and complicated even without a DUI on your record. Do not let a conviction destroy your finances! At Grieve Law, our experienced drunk driving attorneys have a proven track record of winning cases. We are committed to providing you with an aggressive defense with the goal of getting your charges reduced or dropped entirely. Do not let a DUI conviction ruin your job, your bank account, your reputation, or your future.

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