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car breathalyzers & ignition interlock devices (IIDs) Wisconsin laws & costs

When Wisconsin law requires an ignition interlock device (IID, car breathalyzer), on average it costs under $90 a month per vehicle which includes the monthly leasing fee and calibration fee. Some companies additionally charge around $70-150 for installation and $10 a month for insurance. The cost will vary depending on the features you are required to have and how long you need to have the IID installed. In two years, you could be paying up to $2700 for the IID service.

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Getting a DUI in Milwaukee or anywhere else the state of Wisconsin often results in many penalties and fines that will affect you for months or even years to come. Drunk driving laws in any state are not to be taken lightly, but offenders who have broken certain DUI laws in Wisconsin have had to pay the consequences with state-issued breathalyzers known as Ignition Interlock Devices, or IIDs, installed in their vehicles.  

Wisconsin cost of car breathalyzers & ignition interlock devices

Learn how you could get an IID Exemption to avoid the cost of IIDs for multiple vehicles.

How Car Breathalyzers Work

IIDs are devices fitted into a person’s vehicle and prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking too much. An IID works much like a breathalyzer: the driver blows into the device so it can measure the amount of alcohol in their system. If the driver’s alcohol content exceeds 0.02%, then the device temporarily locks the vehicle’s ignition, preventing the person from driving anywhere under the influence.

The first time alcohol is detected by the IID, the wait time is only a few minutes before the vehicle can start again. However, three failed breath samples results in a longer lockout when attempting to start an IID-equipped vehicle.

Breath sample data is sent wirelessly to the authority (court, DMV, probation officer, etc.) who ordered the device to be installed. Learn about other OWI consequences or penalties for refusing a breathalyzer test.

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Wisconsin cost of car breathalyzers & ignition interlock devices

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Refusing a Breathalyzer or Field Sobriety Test

Depending on the situation, an IID can be installed in the offender’s car for months, or even years after a DUI charge. Implied consent laws state if a person is arrested by an officer who has cause to believe they have been driving under the influence, then that person consents to having their blood, breath, or urine tested for the purpose of determining their blood alcohol content. First-time drunk driving offenders who refuse to take a field sobriety test at the time of the arrest may get an IID installed in their vehicle for up to 1 year. Two-time DUI offenders can get an IID for up to 2 years, and third-time DUI offenders can get one for up to 3 years.

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In Wisconsin, how long does a Intoxicated possession charge stay on your record?

Intoxicated possession of a firearm in Wisconsin is a serious charge that is worth fighting, because it could remain on your record for life even if you don't get convicted and serve a 9 month prison term or pay a fine of up to $10,000.

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