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Do insurance companies find out about my OWI? How they find out.

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Insurance Companies Will Periodically Check Your Driving Record With the DMV

Additionally, insurance companies will discover your OWI (aka DUI, DWI) when you provide them with a mandatory SR-22 form.

DUIs Impact Your Record

The fact is, having a DUI on your record may increase your insurance rates, possibly doubling or even tripling them, even if it's a first offense OWI. Naturally, your first instinct might be to try to hide your DUI from your insurance provider. After all, both government agencies and insurance companies are known for being slow and bureaucratic, so who’s to say your conviction will even be noticed or processed?

Watch out – going this route could land you in even more hot water in the future. You could find yourself with no auto insurance at all and in deeper legal trouble. When you are ordered to submit an SR-22 and fail to do so, your license may be suspended. Learn more about other Wisconsin OWI penalties or view our WI OWI penalty chart.

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There is no real OWI Insurance trick so let our DUI Lawyers fight for you. If you are being charged with a DUI, the best way to keep your insurance rates low is to avoid a conviction. The vast majority of people do not get an attorney until they are facing their second DUI charge. After facing fines and seeing their insurance go up after their first conviction, they see the benefit of fighting aggressively to keep their record clean. So if this is only your first DUI, do not make that same mistake! Let the battle-tested drunk driving attorneys at Grieve Law take a look at your case. When you have both the police and the insurance companies against you, you need someone on your side. Please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation! 

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In Wisconsin, how long does a third offense OWI charge stay on your record?

Third-offense OWI charges in Wisconsin can lead to a permanent listing on your Wisconsin state record, even if you don't get a fine of $4,000 or other penalties. Learn more about Wisconsin OWI penalties.

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