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My son got an OWI… Now what?

Son Got OWI MilwaukeeYou get a call saying your underage son has been arrested for first offense drunk driving. He’s facing a $200 fine, 3-month license suspension, and 4 demerit points on his license (the fine and suspension double if someone under 16 was in the car with him). On top of being disappointed and/or furious, you’re probably feeling scared—what are the long-term consequences of this for your child?

First Offense OWI

Other sentencing items following your son’s DUI conviction include:


  • SR-22 insurance verification (when he is eligible to drive again)
  • Installing an Ignition Interlock Device (depending on his BAC)
  • Probation requirements including alcohol assessment and random testing


Whether your son has been caught for underage drunk driving before or it’s a one-time mistake, he needs experienced representation if he’s going to get the charges reduced or dropped.

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That’s where Grieve Law comes in.

The attorneys at Grieve Law have an in-depth understanding of not only Wisconsin’s OWI laws but also its Absolute Sobriety “Not a Drop” laws for those under 21. With former prosecutors on our team, we know how the other side thinks and how to counter them. Our proven record for DUI dismissals and reduced charges speaks for itself.

 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

Our OWI defense attorneys minimize the damage so your child can get past this mistake. With the legal repercussions handled, you can enforce your own penalties as you see fit.

Contact our Milwaukee OWI lawyers to schedule a free consultation for your son.

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