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When charged as a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct charges in Mequon, Wisconsin can carry a penalty of up to $100,000 in fines, a jail sentence of up to 9 months, or both. When charged as a felony, penalties can carry a fine up to $50,000, up to 15 years in prison, or both.

In the state of Wisconsin, disorderly conduct is charged as a Class B misdemeanor or a non-criminal civil forfeiture. A misdemeanor charge carries a maximum penalty of a $1000 fine, 90 days in jail, or both. A civil forfeiture violation charge results in fines only. Even with no jail time, however, these charges can severely affect your life.

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Even if it’s just a ticket, a disorderly conduct charge in Ozaukee County can still come with severe penalties. Any criminal charges will also remain on your record permanently.

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What qualifies as disorderly conduct?

Disorderly conduct, also referred to as disturbing the peace, refers to any violent, indecent, or unreasonably loud behavior. This can stem from physical activities including fighting, indecent behavior, unlawful assembly, or anything that could provoke a disturbance. Verbal actions like using profanity or hate speech or talking unreasonably loud can also land a disorderly conduct charge.

It is possible to receive disorderly conduct as a standalone charge or in addition to related charges. For example, if you are pulled over for a DUI and the situation escalates, you may face a disorderly conduct charge in addition to drunk driving charges.

Domestic Violence Enhancer

If the dispute in question is between family members, spouses or significant others, or roommates, it is possible to receive a domestic violence enhancer to a disorderly conduct charge. This comes with additional implications, such as the loss of your right to a firearm. In domestic violation situations, you may not contact other parties involved for 72 hours. This “no contact provision” serves to protect both parties from further harm.


How long does disorderly conduct stay on my record?

In Mequon, a disorderly conduct conviction will remain on your record for life. If you are convicted of disorderly conduct in Mequon, your conviction will remain on Wisconsin’s CCAP system forever, and will show up in background checks. This could cause problems when searching for future employment, housing, or schooling.

How to beat a disorderly conduct charge in Mequon

Beating a disorderly conduct charge is the only way to avoid having the charge remain on your record for life. Getting the charges dismissed will require a careful analysis of the facts of the case and thorough knowledge of state law. If you plan to fight such a charge, the state must prove your actions meet the definition of disorderly conduct. Because these cases often involve hearsay and not much evidence, you are likely in a strong position to defend your case. The skilled attorneys at Grieve Law have the knowledge and experience to put you in the strongest possible position.

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