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You are only Guilty if you are Convicted

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Lannon drunk driving defense attorneys, get charges reduced or dropped

If you've gotten a OWI in Lannon you need representation from an award-winning law firm. Grieve Law is highly regarded for our work on getting DWI, OWI and possession charges dropped or reduced. Whether you just got your first DUI or your 5th, Grieve Law is the best chance you have to beat life-altering consequences. Our team of Lannon drunk driving attorneys are former state prosecuters who understand the nuance and loopholes of Wisconsin drunk driving law.

You are only guilty if you are convicted™

If you've recently gotten a DUI in Lannon or Southeast Wisconsin, it is important to retain a quality defense attorney sooner rather than later. The quicker you contact Grieve Law, the longer we have to build your case before court. When your quality of life is on the line, you want to make sure you're as prepared as possible.

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Where to Go for Court: 20399 W. Main St, Lannon, WI 53046

Police Department: 20399 W Main St, Lannon, WI 53046

Don't trust your life to some general practice attorney. A free, no-obligation consultation with our team of award-winning former state prosecutors for honest answers is just a call away.
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